Winter Heat Wave In Britain

The winter heat wave continues in London with the temperature early this morning only four degrees below that of June. Roses are blooming in Wales, daffodils in the south of England, and spring flowers are plentiful in parts of Scotland, usually snow covered at this time of the year. Even on high hills there is not a speck of snow.

January 4, 1935


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4 Responses to Winter Heat Wave In Britain

  1. Toneburst says:


    this is The Netherlands speaking. Absolutely great weather here, like 18degrees C right now. But everybody seems to have forgotten that it was -16degrees C in the exact same period last year. Todays high temps are ‘climate’, 2018 temps where ‘weather’.

    Check this:

    One of the ‘major’ news-sites in my country have banned/censored all ‘clime-denial’ postings. If anyone likes I’ll translate. Definite proof that ‘climachange’ is a religion and has nothing to do with science. This is 1933 NSDAP stuff; there is a new ‘Kristalnacht’ coming here….


    Jos ‘Toneburst’

  2. George says:

    20.3c impressive… the met offices response is?

    “The Met Office said the predictions around climate change are that the UK will experience greater extremes of weather, including more higher and lower temperatures and unsettled conditions at times.”

    Sounds serious……higher and lower temperatures.. and unsettled conditions as well…i wonder what this is all about?

    It seems that the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has an idea – she linked the warm weather to concerns over “climate breakdown” and called on the government to “wake up to this crisis”.

    She said: “I like spending an afternoon in the sunshine as much as anyone, but it’s impossible to shake the feeling that this isn’t right.

    Maybe shes right? maybe this isnt right at all?…im starting to get worried…i wonder what the past can tell us?

    ive found out in the same article that actually – “It is also the earliest recording of an above 20C (68F) temperature in a calendar year, since 20.2C (68.4F) was recorded at Exeter Airport on March 2, 1977″….

    So…..hang on…let me get this straight…in 1977 the previous earliest record of temperatures over 20c was March the 2nd? a full 4 days earlier than yesterday’s EXTREME heat that managed a thermometer topping 20.3c!!!! …a full 0.1c higher…yea..some fecker needs to “wake up to this crisis” C02 seems be piss poor at doing its job lol…

  3. Lance says:

    Here in Alberta, damn cold (so it’s called Weather)….when we get hot and dry this summer….Climate!

  4. Mr GrimNasty says:

    The peak of that ‘Winter Heatwave’ was 15C in Dec. ’34 anf the following Feb. – so it’s not really that impressive behind the headline. 14-15C was hit throughout that whole winter. But if you’d had all the same thermometers in the same circumstances today, I expect you’d have found a much higher reading.

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