World’s Record Heatwave 1923-1924

The BOM used to have this web page up, back when they were a little bit more honest. Marble Bar, WA was over 100F (38C) for 100 consecutive days during the summer of 1923-1924

BOM – Australian Climate Extremes

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4 Responses to World’s Record Heatwave 1923-1924

  1. arn says:

    Long,long time ago when heatwaves were able to occure without 61% of data adjustment.
    Thanks god nowadays we have extremly advanced supercomputers and experts who can make them happen whenever they want and need them.

  2. iggie says:

    The definition of a heatwave in Aust has changed – again.
    Make sense of this definition by the BoM.
    ‘Heatwaves are calculated using the forecast maximum and minimum temperatures over the next three days, comparing this to actual temperatures over the previous thirty days, and then comparing these same three days to the ‘normal’ temperatures expected for that particular location. Using this calculation takes into account people’s ability to adapt to the heat. For example, the same high temperature will be felt differently by residents in Perth compared to those in Hobart, who are not used to the higher range of temperatures experienced in Perth.
    This means that in any one location, temperatures that meet the criteria for a heatwave at the end of summer will generally be hotter, than the temperatures that meet the criteria for a heatwave at the beginning of summer.’
    Make any sense?
    So we could have a heatwave in the Antarctic – but not in Marble Bar.

  3. R Shearer says:

    This winter appears to be no different than the winters of 4 decades ago when the climate change worry was the beginning of a new ice age. And yet the leftists say it must be due to warming.

    I’m sorry, when Hawaii is having its most impressive snowfalls ever, that is not warming.

  4. Gerald Machnee says:

    We are waiting for Griff to straighten out Tony on this warm spell. He just did that on WUWT re fires in Tasmania. Of course more brilliant readers found his lies.

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