Near Record Cold/Wet October-March In The US

October-March US afternoon temperatures were third coldest on record.


About three-fourths of the US has been below normal temperature for the past six months.

Almost the entire US has been above normal precipitation for the past six months.

October-February was the wettest on record in the US.  (March data is not yet available from NOAA.)

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Western snowpack is far above normal.

Basin Snow Water Content Map (numeric) (SNOTEL)

Experts say the record cold, wet and snow is caused by an overheated atmosphere.

In 2012, the same experts said the warmth and dry weather was caused by an overheated atmosphere.

If you don’t understand that hot air and drought causes record cold and wet weather, you are probably a paid oil industry shill, a Nazi and a racist. And you hate the planet.

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5 Responses to Near Record Cold/Wet October-March In The US

  1. Petit_Barde says:

    “… paid oil industry shill, a Nazi and a racist.”

    According to AOC, I’m also an evil dark-money internet mercer :

    • MGJ says:

      It gets worse upon reading her tweet. You may also be…gasp…stoking national division.
      A bit rich coming from the Not-My-President brigade!

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Don’t blame her for these tweets. She’s innocent of the charge. She’s incapable of putting together such sentences.

        Her handlers wrote this:

        Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez@AOC·Mar 28
        Word. But someone’s got to care about growing the Dem base: the thing ppl don’t realize is that the House is where you can build turnout infrastructure to win Presidentials. When we don’t invest in blue-seat organizing in the House, we don’t get the turnout we need every 4 years.

  2. Lasse says:

    Orwille dam spillway is in operating mode again.

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    Note that Washington State, despite one heck of a snow – – 55″, was robbed by those south of us. Note the 91 (south central) and the 100 (south east).
    We could see this happening with a snow pattern pushing up from Oregon, clipping those southern areas and going into Idaho. Irrigation water will be OK, but not average. Lower areas have dried out. Pacific is sending storms starting today and continuing. Next 10 days will be interesting. Cool and moist, but too much rain won’t be good — melts snow.
    Meanwhile, Donner Pass and Lake Tahoe region is still getting snow.

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