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Messing With Texas

Nobel Prize Winner Barack Obama, Katharine Hayhoe, and UN Climate Spokesman Leo Dicaprio During the heat and drought of 2011, Texas academics snake oil salesmen announced that heat and drought was permanent. The weather of the 21st century will be … Continue reading

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Short Spring

We have eight inches of snow on the way Monday. Two years ago we also had a big snowstorm on April 29

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Driver Swerved Away From The Runaway Truck Ramp

Video shows a semitrailer out of control in mountains ahead of fiery I-70 crash | FOX31 Denver

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“That’s All We Know”

A semi coming down from the mountains on I-70 into Denver crashed into stopped cars and killed many people yesterday. Police say they don’t know what happened. “We do know that I-70 eastbound traffic was at a standstill or close … Continue reading

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Day Two At The Greenland Open

After receiving 100 billion tons of snow this month, the Greenland Open is having  a beautiful day today – with temperatures up to a balmy -18C. summit:status:webcam Greenland’s surface has not loss mass on any day since September 1 of … Continue reading

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Adjusting Good Data To Make It Match Bad Data

mwr-035-01-0007b.pdf On election day in 2016, both satellite data sets (UAH and RSS) showed a 15 year long hiatus in global warming, and bore no resemblance to the warming trend being generated by NOAA and NASA.  I captured this image … Continue reading

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Birds Are Always Keeping An Eye Out For Global Warming

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A Man Of High Ethics

Experts say Robert Mueller is a man of high ethical standards.

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Climate Change In 1909

Democrats tell us that terrorism is driven by climate change.  This month in 1909, thirty-thousand Christians were killed in Turkey. Some people did something. 16 Apr 1909, 1 – The Boston Globe at

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Geology Is Now Conspiracy Theory

The party of science now believes the Carboniferous Period is oil company propaganda.

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