Climate Tipping Point Discovered

“Scientists say” all warming over the past 140 years was caused by CO2 emissions from humans and volcanoes. Natural variability no longer has any impact on climate.

New study confirms natural cycles play little role in global temperature trends

Humans and volcanoes caused nearly all of global heating in past 140 years | Environment | The Guardian

This corresponds with the sudden and rapid increase in temperatures in 1880, after a millenium of steady cooling, as reported by Michael Mann 20 years ago.

“When you have seen one tree, you have seen Yamal”

Now we know the climate tipping point occurred in 1880 at 280 PPM CO2, and that the only way stop the world from burning up is to go back to a preindustrial lifestyle, and to put a plug in the volcanoes.

It is quite likely that the excessive use of rickshaws in 1880 caused the climate to heat up and warm out of control.

We have to get atmospheric CO2 back down to 279 PPM, to keep the world from burning up. And we need President Elizabeth Warren to communicate to the volcanoes that they must stop their evil activities. She believes that her people have a special connection to the Earth.

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