June 14, 1897

On June 14, 1897 temperatures around Chicago were well over 100 degrees. It was 106 at Aurora, Illinois and 108 at Winamac, Indiana. Medford Wisconsin was 100 degrees. Today’s forecast is nearly 30 degrees cooler at Aurora.


14 Jun 1897, 1 – Chicago Tribune at Newspapers.com

The heatwave lasted for six days.

The hottest June 14 occurred in 1987, with a huge area of 90 and 100 degree temperatures from coast to coast. Milwaukee was 101.

June 14 afternoon temperatures have been declining since the 19th century, and there haven’t been any hot June 14ths in the last 25 years.

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12 Responses to June 14, 1897

  1. rah says:

    I was in Germany in 1987 so missed it. Today here near Anderson, IN was great. Mid 70s with a nice breeze. Had to get the yard mowed because rain is in the forecast for the next 4 days. The guy with the hay field behind me is ready to do his first cut and bail but it takes three straight days of dry weather after the ground is dry enough for the equipment and we just haven’t been getting that.

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    I like it when it is room temperature outside.

  3. rah says:

    Heavy rain here today with more to come apparently. I don’t like the looks of this at all! I’m afraid that some people that live in the lower areas around here may be in for a lesson about what the folks along the Mississippi valley have been dealing with in the next couple of days. In five hours or so the water in the low areas around my house raised to a level it normally it takes a good two days of rain to get to. Large areas of the field across the road that is several square miles in size they just planted weekend before last are flooded.

  4. Mr Sir says:

    Are you aware that Greenland has been having a record melting season in June?

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