NASA Data Tampering – Not Just For Temperatures

In 1982, NASA’s James Hansen showed that sea level rise slowed to almost a halt after 1950. That 30 year hiatus in sea level rise has since been erased.

1982     2019

Normalized to 1880, you can see that they nearly doubled 1880-1980 sea level rise between 1982 and 2019.

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26 Responses to NASA Data Tampering – Not Just For Temperatures

  1. neal s says:

    Must be a combination of lying and/or incompetence, now and/or in 1982. The only thing that is not possible is that they were competent and truthful both then and now.

    This fraud upon the US at taxpayer expense must be stopped.

    • -B- says:

      Back in the 1990s we were assured that the measurements were accurate and complete enough to draw conclusions from. Until the measurements stopped supporting their theory. Then they became rife with error that needed correction and full of gaps that required filling by estimation. Not only that but they need to recorrect the corrections.

      So when were they incompetent? Now? Then? Both?

      • Nicholas McGinley says:

        Prior to alarmism era, all of the various data sets were consistent with one another and with historical accounts of various events, phenomenon, explorations, and observations.
        Now they are not.

  2. GW Smith says:

    The problem we have is that our leftist dominated schools now teach that Orwell’s 1984 was about right-wing authoritarianism, blatantly lying, even to the point of insisting that 2+2=5, and the moronic millennials still don’t get it. They really believe 2+2=5 now.

    • Prullevent says:

      The way you think about millenials is the reason they fall for this kind of thing.

      • spike55 says:


        So millennials are unable to think for themselves, even about themselves.

        You have just proven every negative meme about non-thinking millennials.. well done

        Let me guess.. you ARE one ;-)

  3. Joshua Peterson says:

    Precipitation records are observably biased as well, and the tampering with that dataset has large ramifications for models and research.

  4. Bob Hoye says:

    Sadly, the Left lives a lie and is unable to understand it.

  5. arn says:

    It seems Hansen was paid until 1982 to promote the global cooling lie,
    so to half the numbers of sea level rise was the way to go to prove the coming ice age as a massive decrease in whatever is always prove of an Agenda
    as long as it comes from the experts mouth.

    The most interressting thing is that Hansen was the very same guy who claimed a few years later that there will a massive sea level rise though he himself proved the opposite trend in 1982.

    This says everything about the state of integrity in climate science
    and therefore the results are epic wrong predictions for decades and the only apocalyptic thing about them is how horribly wrong they have been
    and that there are no climate models at all as only warming models exist that by default must prove in warming.

    • Johansen says:

      Does anyone attempt to track the mean “land” level? I mean… the land is moving, too, which effects the sea level. In some places the land is subsiding, in other places rising.

      Tracking the sea level without also reporting the land level seems like reporting just 1/2 of a mass balance or energy balance. What does it mean?

      • arn says:

        I guess they consider rising and dropping land levels.
        But this all goes very slowly except earthquakes.

        As the oceans are not losing mass,but getting covered with more and more earth from underwater volcanos
        a steady micro- sea level rise should be the norm even during static periods.

        • David of Aussie says:

          Plus don’t forget all the volume of material that is eroded from all the continental land masses above sea level, by rivers and dumped into the sea. Think of the sediment that must wash out of all the great rivers of the Earth.

  6. Peter Hodges says:

    Is there a way to know if USCRN is being adjusted?

  7. steve case says:

    As it turns out, Colorado University’s Sea Level Research Group CU SLRG (Cue Slerg) is off line this morning. Maybe we will be treated to yet another update and re-writing of their sea level time line since 1992. Who knows, maybe the 0.084 mm/yr² acceleration that they magically found in their 2018 Release I will be increased. There hasn’t been an update for almost 18 months, they’re over due since they say they will update every couple months or so.

  8. Disillusioned says:

    Alarmist idiots worry about a couple mm rise per year, and their religious leaders have to adjust that to make it look worse. Sea levels have been dropping for 2000 years.

  9. garyh845 says:

    In regards to Tony’s link to NASA – — when looking at their, “GROUND DATA: 1870-2013 Data source: Coastal tide gauge records,” it presents this ever accelerating rise – but when you visit NOAA’s tide gauge site and look at dozens and dozens of the locations around the globe, there is no acceleration in the record to be seen anywhere.

    There have been a couple of papers out recently, which drives home this point, inc. this one:

    Can’t count on the House, but our Senate needs to have a hearing just on NASA’s changes to the temp and SL records. A second hearing needs to be only on the 97% claims; it should be headlined, “what about the 97% number, and exactly what is it that they are supposed to agree on?”

    • John says:

      when looking at their, “GROUND DATA: 1870-2013 Data source: Coastal tide gauge records,” it presents this ever accelerating rise –.

      I pointed this out to my sons 17 yr. old true believer girlfriend last weekend and asked her to work out the rate of rise, her face dropped when she discovered 1.7-1.8mm/yr. I then loaded the EPA heat wave index, Palmer Drought Indices, BOM 119 years of Australian Rainfall, NOAA Tides and Currents, PSMSL, BOM Tropical Cyclone Trends and Annual Mean Intensity of Cyclones pages, Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project and so on.
      She was horrified and embarrassed, said my god the truth is hidden in plan view and I can’t believe how so many have been fooled.
      She’s a high achiever with friends and teachers deeply embedded in this climate nonsense, she now has a different world view. Made my day.

      • garyh845 says:

        Good job John. The ‘Force’ is with you.

        Note . . the only possible ‘climate change’ that us human beings can actually experience over the course of our lifetimes, is the dramatic localized Urban Heat Island Effect. 4-8F higher temps than rural surroundings and up to 22F of retained heat during evening hours dwarfs an estimated 1 C of GW (almost all naturally occurring) over the course of the past 170 yrs +/-.

  10. John Rudkin says:

    Please will you respond to : ?
    …or advise if / where you have already done so ?

    • Gator says:

      Simple. Tamino is accusing Tony of doing exactly what the alarmists do. Tony fights fire with fire. Very effective if you have a brain.

      Now, how much adjustment have the alarmists made for UHI?

    • spike55 says:

      Tamino is right, the scammers at NOAA know ALL the tricks at adjusting data to give them a FAKE trend.

      You can see just how much of a LIE Tamino’s last graph is by looking at UAH over the period 1980-2015.

      A tiny calculated rise brought about by the 2012 spike but temperature in 2015 are essentially the same as in 1980

      Also look at the tiny scale Tamino uses.

      In reality there has been barely any rise at all.

      Talk about LYING with graphs.

      Its all just eye candy for the GULLIBLE AGW cultist.

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