New Video : Coolest/Wettest/Fewest Fires On Record

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  1. WxProf says:

    Do those in the current admin of POTUS follow your work? This stuff needs to be made known so the American people and the world citizenry can see what con-job has been and continues to be pylled over their eyes.

    Also will you be in southern CA anytime soon? Would love to meet you. I teach meteorology and earth science at local colleges and universities and your content is invaluable. My students jaws drop (figuratively speaking) when they see your info – all verifiable and traceable – including those who had their minds completely changed about “climate change”.

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    I can state, but don’t want to name names, there are some advising Trump on Climate who enjoy this site.

  3. Bob Hoye says:

    Temps of the Great Lakes are interesting.
    Today’s surface temp of Superior is posted as 40.9 F.
    Same date in 2018 was 43.2.
    In 2017 was 47.5.

    • Psalmon says:

      The Great Lakes are Dimictic, meaning they “turn over” twice per year. When the surface water hits 4C it sinks until, in the winter, the surface cools maybe as far as freezing. In the spring the same cycle occurs as ice melts and/or the surface warms.

      So if you ever hear a study that the GLs are warming, they are lying. Every time there is an ice over or even at 4C, the heat is gone. The Lakes reset. The heat beyond that temp does not hide or get stored somewhere. It’s not in the lakes any more. Any “warming” peak year is inevitable and will be erased eventually.

      In 2014 they had the 2nd highest ice over in measured history, 2015 was about 90% also, 2019 was in the 80%s. Those reset the temps. So the GLs are not neither warming nor cooling. Just long cycles between ice resets.

      In 2012 when the Lakes were at their lowest, they were also warmer than average. Evaporation is the biggest loss of water in the GLs. Ice overs cool spring water and slow evaporation for years to come, so cold winters often result in rising Lakes. So in 2012 the alarmists claimed the GLs were warming AND shrinking and that they were the CANARY IN THE COAL mine of Global Warming. Max ice extent in 2012 was 12%. After the 14 and 15 ice overs, the GLs rose rapidly. Then they warm up then until the next big ice over.

  4. Ari Saltiel says:

    I have a small problem with comparing forest fires of recent years to 100 years ago. The fire fighting technology is so far advanced that it it impossible to compare.

  5. GW Smith says:

    “Ultimately… people will regain their senses?” You mean lefties and progressives will become conservative? That will be the day!

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