New Video : Democrats Sending Mixed Messages About Climate

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  1. rah says:

    Snow means clouds and cloud cover means little insolation even though the air temperature has been running well above the mean. In fact it’s been the warm anomaly in the Arctic that has really driving the so called global temperature up the last few months because in the mid latitudes and tropics where most people live, things are generally pretty average. It really isn’t rocket science.

    BTW Joe Bastardi’s daily update is interesting today. Looks like the battle lines between cold and warm are reforming far enough north to get back into the jet stream and that means the potential for severe weather in tornado alley is going to increase again. Right now this year is well above the 75 percentile and close to the max according to NOAAs adjusted count. Quite a contrast to last year when for the first time on record we had no “violent” (EF-4 or 5) tornadoes in the US.

    In the meantime India continues to cook due to the monsoon being late. Historically when the monsoon is late there the MDR for Atlantic hurricanes is relatively inactive. Thus, due to warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico and off the eastern seaboard of the US, and relatively dry air over the MDR, close in development is what to look out for this hurricane season.

  2. rah says:

    Strong to violent tornado incidence graph taken for Dr. Roy Spencer’s site.

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