New Video : Hiding The Heat Of The Past : The Massive Heatwave Of June 7, 1933

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  1. Fm06 says:

    Another great video Steve, thanks. keep up the good job.

  2. Psalmon says:

    Every Great Lake is now above record levels. All of them. You can see the graphs here:

    Superior set a new average record level for May. Since it all starts there and the level is RISING further FAST, the situation is destined to get worse downstream. In May, Superior rose an astounding one inch every five days. One inch on Superior is equal to 550 billion gallons or 1.7 million acre feet of water. Over 31 days that is the same amount of water in one month that Lake Powell on the Colorado River holds right now.

    On Lake Ontario they have declared an emergency:

    It is only a matter of time if it has not happened already that the overflow of the GLs and the St Lawrence is declared “telltale signs of climate change” or “exactly as we predicted”.

    Of course Nat Geo declared in 2012 that the GLs were the “canary in the coal mine” for global warming when lake levels were below normal.

    Back then in 2013 the IJC, the Governing Body of the Great Lakes!, wanted to structurally slow the St Clair River to restore Lake levels:

    Can you imagine the effect of such a proposal now?

    People also hysterically were blaming CHINA for bottling up the Great Lakes and shipping the water overseas (people DO get hysterical when climate is involved).

    Watch this story as the slow ship wreck of a crisis takes shape…after claiming canary…people will be proposing how to melt Great Lakes ice soon. You will see.

    • feathers says:

      Great post! The proposal of reversing the St. Clair river reminds me of Climate Zealots proposal of disseminating volcanic dust in the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight in an attempt to cool the earth’s temperature. Again, could you imagine what would happen if these proposals actually go through? These fraudsters need to be called out.

      • Steelman says:

        Great post. I would have shared this to Facebook, if i had not deleted my account, this very day.
        All of my friends there, relays on MSM and over the years I’ve had little response on sharing the truth. I won’t miss them, but i’ll miss the satisfaction of mocking them, as the truth keeps manifesting.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Reversing the St. Clair River?

        Pfft. What a bunch of pikers fiddling on the Titanic.

        Horses and hogs dying by the hundreds?

        That was nothing. Get your priorities straight, people.

        A global warming apocalypse is upon us! And the Sun will eat us!

        We will all die in short order if you don’t give up your precious little liberties and hand over your possessions.

        An enlightened global Communist government is the only solution.

        Earth EXODUS: Plan to alter Earth’s ORBIT to escape being eaten by dying Sun

        EARTH’S orbit may one day need to be escape from being eaten by its dying Sun. And an engineer has devised some ingenious solutions for achieving this ambition.

        Man-made climate change is an immediate concern, meaning a global warming apocalypse appears increasingly likely. However the planet’s long-term prognosis is even more dire, because the sun will one day run out of fuel and expand, most likely destroying the Earth in five billion years. Moving the Earth to a wider orbit to escape this fiery oblivion may seem like a far-fetched solution, but an engineer has now outlined several theories for escaping this fate.

        • rah says:

          Doing his part to make the neurotic lose even more sleep.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            You know they love it, RAH. Their greatest joy is being gloomy. Fantasizing about the planet frying and all of us dying terrible deaths. They hate it when they are told that everything is fine. Good news makes them mad.

          • rah says:

            Sure they do. If we didn’t give them silly things to worry about they would just make one up. Like, well, like “climate change”!

          • rah says:

            Got me thinking of the major doomsdays scares in my lifetime that were total BS.
            The fear of a new Ice age coming upon us in the 70’s.

            Global Warming/Climate Change scare that started ramping up after the Ice Age scare subsided.

            And wedged in there was the Y2K fear of chaos due to the change of century. And a multitude of other lesser scares like the end of times in 2012 as supposedly indicated by the Mayan Calendar.

            From the time I attended University in the 70’s I have always thought the biggest threats to our existence ending during my time on earth have been nuclear Armageddon, rocks and ice from space, and our own sun. My opinion has not changed and what has also not changed is that I have no ability to control and little to ability to mitigate such events and so I live on aware but not worried.

      • Psalmon says:

        Just to clarify.. the proposal was to SLOW the St Claire by use of “speed bumps” on the bottom. The GLs, specufically Michigan and Huron since Superior is controlled, are estimated to be 2 or so feet structurally lower due to dredging that occured decades ago in favor of shipping, so whenever levels lower, this proposal resurfaces…decade after decade. By the time politicans start to act, the Lakes refill and it is all forgotten.

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