New Video : Hurricanes Don’t Lie, But Climate Scientists Do

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2 Responses to New Video : Hurricanes Don’t Lie, But Climate Scientists Do

  1. rah says:

    Joe Bastardi has been noting the near historic lack of tropical cyclone activity in the Pacific during this June.

    Though unrelated to the subject at hand, I found this image from the ISS showing a volcanic eruption in Kamchatka quite fascinating.

  2. rah says:

    Today this truck driver was doing runs picking up materials and parts for Toyota for our Vandalia, OH terminal. One facility I picked up at was just a block south of the path the Memorial day tornado that hit north of Dayton took. I drove past scenes of devastation of both commercial and residential areas. It’s amazing that no one was killed by that particular tornado. The girl that drove the fork truck that unloaded and loaded my trailer lost her house. Noticed that fortunately the tornado just missed a big trailer park. And I mean just! Not half a block away from that trailer park was a good sized commercial building that looked like it might have been a car dealership, that was just ripped to shreds.

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