Proof That The Hockey Stick Is Real

Upper Colorado Basin Snowpack Graphs

Yesterday’s maximum temperature of 57F (14C) in Boulder was the coldest on record for the date by seven degrees.  The previous record was 64F in 1947.

NCAR Foothills Lab Weather (english, 5-minute)

It felt and looked like winter up in the mountains. Hiking up into the high country will be very difficult this summer.

The weather is not unprecedented for summer however. There have been summer days which were as cold or colder.

June 24, 1967  55F
June 27, 1983  56F
July  3, 1972  57F
July  4, 1972  56F

On June 30, 1995 it was 58 degrees.  I remember being bundled up watching fireworks on July 4th.

This year’s cold and snow has forced cancellation of a 100 mile endurance race scheduled for July 17th.

Hardrock Hundred Canceled Due to Historic Snowfall

This comes eleven years after local climate experts announced the demise of winter sports in Colorado. They appear to be slightly confused, however. The victim is actually summer sports, and the culprit is cold and too much snow.

Study: Climate change may force skiers uphill

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