Be Prepared For Barry

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  1. Gator says:

    One is a tropical depression, and the other is political oppression. Both are highly predictable, but only one is truly deadly.

  2. rah says:

    I prefer the hurricane!
    Always a great opportunity to watch Weather Channel morons go stand out in the water and wind and sometimes get caught faking it.
    Barry the person faked it all day every day.

    • David A says:

      Do you think it was a hurricane?
      I wonder what the highest sustained ground speed wind gauge recording was.

      • rah says:

        Well they declared it a hurricane. We’ll have to see what comes out in the wash to see if their declaration was correct as per the classic standards. I was too busy to monitor it. Should be outside working now, but my ass is beat and I need a good nights rest. As for those being effected the designation means nothing really except that possibly they will get a little more aid.

        No matter what though Barry was an anomaly the way it formed from a low that had a long track over the US before it turned and went out into the gulf and morphed into a tropical cyclone. I wonder if it has any other tricks up it’s sleeve.

        • David A says:

          Designation does have one other practical application, in that insurance deductibles are often higher for named storms and even more for hurricanes.

          I hope you rest well and drive safe. All the best.

          • rah says:

            I was beat from tearing out our old deck and installing a new larger one the last two weeks. As of Sunday at 06:00 I went back on call and my deck building is “vacation” over. Today is a day of rest in case they call me to run.

            The top surface planks of the new composite deck are all in. I installed the last of them on Sunday. What is left is the cladding of the outside perimeter 2 x 6s, installation of the “picture frame” planks over the edge of that cladding, building two steps, installing two 4×4 post sleeves with plant hangers, hanging the bell on one of the posts that my ex-fiancé uses to call me when I’m out and about and she demands my presence, installation of solar powered lighted post caps, buying and placing a fountain in a small rock garden that is adjacent to part of the end of the deck, and placing a small free standing fire pit on the existing concrete slab that is off the rest of that end of the deck.

            For the money I saved salvaging the original deck framing and adding extra joists and beefing up the number of footers to go with a deck instead of pouring a slab as I originally intended we can install and awning over part or all of the deck.

            Next is purchasing a new patio table and chair set. A few tips for anyone out there thinking about installing a composite deck.
            1. The planks will break when they’re hot if you don’t support them correctly. There is a reason why the framing for a composite deck must have joists a maximum of 12″ on center instead of the 16″ on center normally used for wood decking.

            2. The composite planks will scratch so pay attention to the feet of any furniture your going to put on and deck. If your going to be shoveling snow off of it, use a plastic shovel without a metal blade.

            3. Properly installed it is wonderful to not have to deal with screw or nail heads, cupping or warping, painting, staining, or sealing. The surface has a softer and more comfortable feel than wood but on hot days under direct sunlight the planking can get hot enough to be uncomfortable to walk on with your bare feet.

  3. GW Smith says:

    When he said this before his election I thought he had just cut his own throat. Not with the left, it just went in one ear and out the other. Which proves that perfect vacuums do indeed exist somewhere in nature. Although I’m not quite sure lefties are natural.

  4. Johansen says:

    In January 2008 he sounded dumb and bumbling. He wasn’t even a good politician. Nobody with any common sense would even say such things. Later, he learned to be more discreet about his agenda

    • Gator says:

      He also learned to read a teleprompter, and stick to the (tran)script (Candy). Amazing what minions can accomplish.

  5. Gamecock says:

    I’ve been calling it Tropical Storm Barrack for 2 days.

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