Heatwave Of July 22, 1901

July 22, 1901 was one of the hottest days on record in the US and Europe. It was 117F (47C) in St. Petersburg , Russia, and the average maximum temperature across the US was 96 degrees.

Missouri was 116F, Arizona 112F, Illinois 112F, Indiana 112F, Iowa 110F, Kansas 110F, Montana 110F, Tennessee 110F, Wisconsin 110F, Kentucky 109F, Nebraska 109F, Arkansas 108F, South Dakota 108F, North Dakota 107F, Oklahoma 107F, California 105F, Ohio 105F, Utah 104F, Mississippi 103F, Idaho 102F, Minnesota 102F and Texas 101F.

TimesMachine: Monday July 22, 1901 – NYTimes.com

July 22, 1934 was even hotter in the eastern half of the US. Thirty-one states were over 100 degrees, and eight states were over 110 degrees.

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