More Heartbreak For Climate Alarmists

This is supposed to be peak melt season in the Arctic, and very little melting is occurring.

Index of /DATASETS/NOAA/G02135/north/daily/images/2019/07_Jul/

Lots of cold weather in the forecast for the Beaufort Sea.

10-Day Temperature Outlook

This summer is shaping up to be yet another disasters for Arctic alarmists.

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26 Responses to More Heartbreak For Climate Alarmists

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    The most interesting things about climate alarmists is not the dubious stuff they believe. It’s the grief and denial they seem to go through when confronted with news that should cheer them up. One would think that any news of little Arctic ice melting should send them into the streets celebrating the success of Rio, Kyoto, Bali, Copenhagen, UN and Obama in combating global warming. Instead, they ignore or deny what to them should be good news and keep wallowing in misery and desperation.

    Why is that?

    Why desperation could be the key to tackling climate change

    Extinction Rebellion, student strikes and the Green New Deal show that desperation is starting to define climate politics. This could be a game changer.

    Last October, something strange happened when the United Nations released a report saying we have just 12 years to limit the disastrous effects of climate change: The world paid attention.

    For a moment, media outlets around the world collectively shared the report’s stark, and frankly terrifying, findings that “temperature rise to date has already resulted in profound alterations to human and natural systems,” that climate change is happening faster than anyone predicted and — based on everything scientists know — we only have a matter of years to get our act together and right the ship.

    The report sent a shockwave through the climate community and, in a lot of circles, people started freaking out. Former Ontario Environment Minister and lifelong climate incrementalist Glen Murray was one of those people. Taking to Twitter a few weeks after the climate report dropped, he called for a climate revolution.


    3 ways Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats are changing what is winnable

    To win a Green New Deal and realign the Democratic Party, Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats are embracing disruption, conflict and polarization.

    With the Republican party offering a reactionary populism that reduces the American people to white Christian men, the Democratic party appears to be the only possible vehicle for representing, in government, the interests of the entire working-class, people of color, women and everyone else excluded from original access to American democracy.

    If climate change requires precisely that kind of coalition — and a realignment of the Democratic Party — to make sweeping reforms sooner rather than later, then Sunrise and Justice Democrats would catalyze it and work to reshape the meaning of American democracy in the process.

    This has real implications for democracy as we know it: If this new generation manages to transform the ruling bargain such that our political parties are not warring clans of elites, but instead populated and led by the people, the United States will be among very few democracies in the world to achieve such a feat. To this day, very few liberal democracies are governed by working-class people.

    As the media never ceases to remind us, it is too soon to say precisely what Sunrise and Justice Democrats will win in their efforts to stop climate change or realign the Democratic Party. However, what is crystal clear already — and more relevant to strategists than journalists — is that the Green New Deal is not the only sweeping reform possible. Justice Democrats provides its candidates and officials with a policy platform that includes other visionary policies, such as a living wage, free higher education, abolishing ICE and Medicare For All.

    • R Shearer says:

      What kid doesn’t want to skip school and cause trouble? But while 20,000 showed up to protest with Greta during the school year, in summer recently at the same venue only a total crowd of 2000 showed up and most of these were dumb leftist (though I repeat myself) adults.

      It seems that for every Greta there is a Soph and a Naomi. Kids these days aren’t necessarily as stupid as their parents.

    • Robertv says:

      My belief is that the Founding Fathers did not create a democracy. The problems started when the US was changed into a democracy. Now those who promise the most free stuff normally get the vote.
      This will always lead to Big Brother government in need of more and more power to obtain the resources required. They eventually will sell their soul to the money changers in the temple. So now who is in power?

    • Disillusioned says:

      What you speak of was a YUGE part of my disillusionment. I told my friends the good news, showed them the data, and I TRULY thought they would rejoice. Instead, they rejected it. That the world climate is NOT in trouble was NOT good news to them at all. All it did was anger them – they want to believe the world is going to end unless we enact global socialist control of all energy sources.

      We no longer speak.

      • Colorado Wellington says:


        I’ve seen what you are describing.

        I ran into such discussions with a few family members. They refused to even consider what I presented to them. In the past their reactions ranged from “you think your sources are better than ours?” to angry outbursts.

        We are still on speaking terms. They learned I will leave them alone with “their sources” if they don’t bring up certain subjects. We speak about other things.

      • Mark Amey says:

        Yes, a friend showed me two satellite photos of the Arctic, one ice covered, the other relatively bare. No dates, no seasons, just the warning that ‘we must halt this climate change ‘.

        There are few scientists here in Australia who are challenging the Climate alarm. Like the US, we have temperature and tidal records going back over a century but it’s impossible to access, in particular, the raw temperature data. Sea level has actually fallen for a few years, but alarmists are strangely silent.

  2. Mr Sir says:

    OK but that graph of the sea ice extent still clearly shows that the current extent is far lower that the 2981-2010 median ice edge.

    • rah says:

      Yea, in the alarmist world everything is supposed to be the same and consistent with the weather and climate year after year and if it isn’t then it’s somebodies fault.

    • Mr Sir says:

      D’oh. Accidentally said “2981” instead of 1981″.

    • spike55 says:

      Poor little slur.

      You do know that the late 1970s was an very EXTREME HIGH anomaly, don’t you.

      Yes there has been some melting from that EXTREME HIGH level, but it is STILL nowhere down to the Holocene average.

      Still in the TOP 5-10% of the last 10,000 years

      Why are you INCAPABLE of learning basic facts, and getting perspective into your feeble minded brain-washing?

      Is it that you TOTALLY DENY CLIMATE CHANGE ?

  3. gregole says:

    Arctic has plenty of ice.
    Polar bears are fine.
    It’s warm now; but it’s summer in the northern hemisphere. Summers are prone to being warm.
    Nothing much at all detectable is happening to the climate.
    Forests are fine. Agriculture is fine.
    Man-Made Climate change is entirely made-up.

  4. Psalmon says:

    Just a reminder that THIS is what we have been promised…Ice just “one day will melt away” “for the record…ice free this summer”…”ice free year round”…and “new open water shipping routes.”

    The predictions have not been about fringes…this is not a debate about which average is average…or about which year’s maximum is the baseline…this is not about some graphs from DMI or NSIDC that trace out sin waves year after year after year.

    THIS is what we were told. The sea ice would all melt…the “old” ice would never recover…year after year it would decline…then it would all melt even in winter…and that black water would ABSORB all that energy from the Sun in, like January somehow, and it would be irreversible!

    THIS is the standard…we will have open shipping. Last year 27 voyages and 29 trips were made across the NE Passage. 29. Out of nearly a MILLION commercial ship voyages…29. And the savings are HUGE, $250K – $400K per voyage…20-30% time…higher ship utilization…BILLIONS in savings and capital. The commercial incentives are massive.


  5. Mark Frank says:

    I think I must have misunderstood this chart. It appears to me to simply show that there was very little different in the ice extent between the 19th and 20th of July. This would be no surprise to anyone and prove nothing. Can someone explain what the chart really shows and its significance?


    • rah says:

      I am assuming your asking about the top chart that Tony presented. That shows there is very little melting occurring. In fact ice gain is almost equal to ice loss.

      • Mark Frank says:


        Thanks for responding.

        “That shows there is very little melting occurring”. I got that much – but very little melting between when and when? It appears to be just between the 19th and the 20th July – but surely Tony must have meant something more significant than there was very little melting overnight of the 19th of July!

        • rah says:

          The point is that it’s the peak of the melt season up there. July is the hottest month for the Arctic. The sun is up 24/7 having reached it’s peak of 23.5 deg, during the summer solstice on June 21st and is still, relatively, well above the horizon. Won’t drop below the horizon into twilight until about Sept 21.

          • Mark Frank says:


            I understand it is the peak of the melt season. But I still don’t understand the diagram. Does it really just show that the ice did not change much on the night of the 19th of July? Whatever the season you surely cannot read much into one day’s change?

            I see Tony has made another post on the same subject above which may throw more light on it.

          • Phil. says:

            Which is why it’s melting at over 100,000 sq km /day and is currently at the lowest extent for the date.

          • rah says:

            I’ve made the point a clear as I can. I give up.

          • Phil. says:

            It’s a clever trick, he presents sea ice extent as if it’s area which hides the regions where extent is being lost.
            Here’s a more representative way to display it:

          • Gator says:

            No Phail, the neat trick is how alarmists can predict an ice free Arctic for decades, have the MSM spread these failed BS predictions over and over and over, all over the planet, and yet still have the attention and blind faith of loons like you.

            Now that’s a neat trick! LOL

            PS – I’ve got some lovely swampland in Florida for sale…

    • Gator says:

      I see the clueless troll remains under our bridge.

    • spike55 says:


      You said you weren’t coming back

      Are you a liar… or just trapped. ;-)

      • Mark Frank says:


        I said I was not interested in discussing the points you raised while you continued with this stream of personal abuse. Nothing has changed.

        I will continue to look at and comment on Tony’s blog while he is prepared to let me do so.

        • Gator says:

          If only you were prepared. You’ve brought an imaginary knife to a gunfight.

          Tony allows believers like you to post here because it proves just how little you parrots understand about climate science, and you parrots make the skeptical case even stronger. Contrast Tony’s behavior with the alarmist sites, who send good skeptical arguments to their collective bore holes, because they have to.

          Keep yapping and proving our points, I may never need to post again! LOL

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