July 31, 1988 – Last Midwest Temperature Over 110F

The Midwestern US has had 226 temperature readings over 110F since 1895, occurring on 86 separate days.  The last one occurred on July 31, 1988.  All occurred below 350 PPM CO2.

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  1. mddwave says:

    I have maintained a database of my electrical power usage over the last ten years. There is obvious annual spike when I use the air conditioner during summer.

    If 2019 is supposedly the hottest summer ever, my northern Utah energy usage is the LOWEST ever. My July 2019 power usage is more like April/May!

    It seems that these 2019 “heat waves” would have stresses/overloaded the local power grids. But I don’t remember any coverage of any problems with the power grids when these heat waves happen. All you read is about how hot it is.

  2. xenomoly says:

    In the southeast I can attest that this appears to be an extremely cool year. I don’t recall a year with so few pea soup days — which used to be most days when I was a kid. You used to be able to walk out of the house and feel like you were walking into hot pea soup. Now? It’s just sort of “meh”. Of course this is just an anecdote and anecdotes are not data – but I have a hard time feeling panic when I can sit in my garden in a July afternoon in the deep south and not break a sweat.

  3. STEVEN K CLOSE says:

    Geez, my long favorable comment was blocked. Too bad I didn’t save it.

    • spike55 says:

      Images using the “browse” at the bottom seem to have an intermittent problem at the moment.

      Also, if this is your first post here, it will get put into moderation until a moderator can look at it. Stops a lot of spam posts.


  4. Hazza says:

    Tony, you still in Australia?

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