New Video : Heatwave Superstition

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26 Responses to New Video : Heatwave Superstition

  1. Lorne says:

    It’s called an air conditioner Tony. Just so you know, they didn’t have them back in the day and thus, higher early century death rates from heat waves. But you knew that. Just as you know the duration and intensity of heat waves globally have gone up in modern times but why split hairs right? Rich ending too btw. High C02 levels are good for us if you ignore global warming, ocean acidification AND Atmospheric Oxygen depletion. Perhaps we can all learn to breathe more and swim less. Meanwhile, in the real world, Paris broke another temp record on Thursday and it ended! Wow, heatwaves end. Therefore we should pay little attention to Paris’s hottest day in recorded history. Heatwaves end so its therefore meaningless. Right?

    You must know you are wasting everyone’s time including your own with this stuff. Living off donations i.e. paid shill… its not a crime… but it is a job for a lover of lies. I guess everyone has a roll to play.

    • Mark Amey says:

      ‘Role’ or ‘Roll’?

    • spike55 says:

      Ignorance of the flip side where there are massive areas of well below average over Russia.

      Just this tiny little bubble of Saharan air causing warming at airports and massively urbanised centres

      You truly haven’t a CLUE what you are talking about have you

      Just REGURGITATING all the crap you have SWALLOWED.

      Sad to see a cretin like you without a mind of its own.

      FFS at least TRY to do some basic learning before sliming your ignorance all over the place.

    • Dboss says:

      Lorne is most obviously parroting gibberish he’s heard from the modern day “Pravda” of the West. (for those too young to understand the quip, Pravda was the propaganda arm of the Soviet Union)

      He lacks basic scientific understanding of essential biology and physics when ignorant statements like “Atmospheric Oxygen Depletion” or “ocean acidification” are made.

      Duh, THE essential process that supports LIFE on earth is that plants take in CO² and with photosynthesis and water, make carbohydrate “fuel” and the waste product is O². Higher CO² levels benefit plants and even NASA acknowledges the planet is greening due to increased CO². Hence it is not possible that increasing CO² levels and higher plant biomass leads to ” Atmospheric Oxygen Depletion”.

      Lorne’s ignorance is deep, but we should endeavor to understand his animus… I will bet he is a good person, who believes we should protect or help Nature. That is a good thing. But nefarious forces know this about mankind, and seek to use this good natured human response to forward a basically evil programme.

      The propaganda machine that is alarmist about Climate, knows most people are as ignorant as Lorne, and so they use basic brainwashing techniques, which are masked by “saving the world” feelings or stated goals. These really evil forces gain access to new recruits by the false flag of saving the planet.

      Once Lorne’s defenses are down by believing his point of view is “saving the planet”, the task masters behind the scam feed him all kinds of stuff, some correct but most not correct. So he becomes a warrior in their army of misinformation.

      Lorne needs to dig deeper, and find what is behind the taskmasters who sold him this bag of manure… Try this:

      Finally we must realize one reason Lorne and many like him, attack us or Tony is in part because when confronted by facts that if true, would mean Lorne has been duped and if he acknowledged he’s been duped to be part of the Taliban of climate alarm – he’d be really pissed!

      So his subconscious – needs to defend his brainwashed state, or otherwise admit to self about being really dumb and a member of a really bad army, with bad intent….

      For us, there is hope – once more people accept they’ve been or are being duped – they will never again be so easily brainwashed. So Tony, keep up the good work, and all of us should point as many people as possible to real facts like Tony puts forward!

      • Dboss says:

        Sorry, I made an idiot mistake in the above post. I used superscript instead of subscript to denote chemical formulae. I should have written: CO2 and O2 respectively.

        Also, there are dubious alarmist diatribes on Oxygen Depletion, however an estimated 40% increase in biomass due to CO2 increases, bumps up the photosynthetic oxygen production, and the alarmism ignores the humongous buffer of total oxygen content of our atmosphere.

        Most of the oxygen depletion alarmism comes from IPCC models, not reality. (logical assumption = if IPCC overestimates global warming by factors of 2-5, then you can ignore their nonsense about oxygen)

        See this reality check:

        The conclusion of the above link states “[oxygen] has never dipped low enough to threaten the existence of those who depend on it, nor will it in the future”.

        • Gator says:

          But there is a real depletion threat, and it isn’t oxygen.

          Minimum concentration in PPM to support plant life varies from 185 ppm to 225 ppm. We are at 433 ppm at the moment. Prior to this Ice Age cycle that started about 3 1/2 million years ago the PPM Norm was between 900 and 1120 ppm. For reference if anybody is interested in knowing where we are at prior to man cause global warming we were at 240 to 250 ppm. Yeah when I discovered with the plant life minimum was and then where we were at it scared the shit out of me too.

          CAGW is a leftist ghost story, lots of spooky rhetoric, but zero proof. For the believers, every bump in the night is proof of the afterlife.

          • KevinPaul says:

            And probably well over 1200 ppm during the time jurassic Megafauna was munching through forrests of greenery every day.

          • rah says:

            As with all fools of the left. History that does not support a current agenda or cause, never happened. And if they can’t ignore it they attempt to lie and revise it. Just like the temps of the MWP and LIA.

          • Disillusioned says:

            Unfortunately, the average alarmunist will not get it. Logical inference is not their strong suit.

      • spike55 says:

        For people like lawn and chicken-little, depletion of oxygen obviously applies to their brains !

    • mopar440 says:

      Hey Lorne, Thanks for the laugh!! You AGW freaks believe everything the government tells you.

      The article in your link; however, reveals the frightening reason for all the lies and fraud from NOAA, NASA and others. Statements like this from Lorne’s linked article should send a chill down every freedom loving person’s spine:

      “underscoring the need for governments to take collective action to stem a further intensification of climate change impacts.” and “Action is urgently needed at the world, federal, state and local levels to rapidly cut fossil fuel pollution and to protect and rebuild naturally stored carbon,”.

      Anytime governments take “collective action” nothing good could possibly result. We all end up losing our freedoms and the government, in the name of “collective action”, helps itself to our hard earned private property.

      Lorne’s too stupid to get it, but hopefully Tony keeps pounding out the facts and more people wise up soon.

    • HENNYPENNY says:


      Great post. But peer-reviewed science and good, hard data have no place on Heller’s forums. Come back when you have something misleading, like a good, ripe piece of cherry-picked codswallop or out-of-context graph. The people here are idiots, by the way. They conduct their research by graphs alone, with very little actual data-gathering. Just so you know.

      • KevinPaul says:

        You neglect to mention the inconvenient papers past that Tony uses to egg the faces of people like yourself. Reports and news from a time when the press was independent and a courier if dependable truth.

      • Disillusioned says:

        The other name for Henny Penny is Chicken Little.

      • spike55 says:

        Poor chicken-little.

        This site ONLY deals in hard data, YOU HAVE NONE, just EMPTY MINDLESS gibber-gabber

        Let’s see you HARD DATA empirical proof of the very basis of the AGW FARCE

        Show us your empirical proof of warming by increased atmospheric CO2.

        WAITING for you to FAIL like every other climate wannabe. !

      • spike55 says:

        “They conduct their research by graphs alone,”

        Graphs which morons like you are too mentally incompetent to comprehend.

        Graphs from REAL DATA, and REAL SCIENCE

  2. Anon says:

    Great video as usual! But I am not even sure we are looking at real historical temperatures here.

    Apparently, the UK also adjusted its temperature record to “cool the past”, as Tony has pointed out numerous times about the US temperature record.

    CRU’s new CRUTem4, hiding the decline yet again

    I have not found a source for the French land surface temperature records, but it isn’t too hard to imagine they are doing the same. (???) And if so all of this year’s past records become dubious.

    Does anyone know the source of the French data and if such adjustments have also been made?

  3. Psalmon says:

    Saw this today…

    So wow, $ Billions to be invested and they are being advised by this woman.

    Tony, seriously, you are in the wrong business. You should be doing roadshows for $M per pop.

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