Sad – Experts Say We Starved To Death In 1975

The Portsmouth Times – Google News Archive Search

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4 Responses to Sad – Experts Say We Starved To Death In 1975

  1. Manfred Kintop says:

    Media darling Elrlich has consistently batted .000 yet so many keep falling for the same junk projections.

  2. Gator says:

    These geniuses still have not figured out that their agenda is what is starving actual humans to death by the millions annually. But then I am giving them a very large benefit of the doubt. Most of them likely know this, Ms Griff does.

  3. Gamecock says:

    Agriculturist: n. Someone with no experience, working in an office, who harasses farmers.


    Labor leaders on the board of Committee on World Food Crisis. Cos it was really the Popular Front for World Food Crisis. Yes, they were FOR it, not against it.

  4. nfw says:

    It must be true, I was about 15kg lighter then.

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