This Has Nothing to Do With Climate


The west is shutting down its energy supply on the pretense of saving the climate.

Making coal history | Dec 5th 2020 | The Economist

Meanwhile, China is massively expanding their coal usage.


China is the #1 CO2 emitter in the world.

China: CO2 Country Profile – Our World in Data

Former climate alarmist Michael Shellenberger wrote about this, this week.

Biden Climate Plan Risks Putting China And BlackRock Before The American People

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, because it is exactly what Obama and Biden planned six years ago. Shut down US energy while expanding Chinese energy until the year 2030.

U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change |

Donald Trump warned about this eight years ago.

(25) Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” / Twitter

Globalists want you locked down permanently, which is why they have worked so hard to put Joe Biden in the White House.

Emissions fell during lockdown. Let’s keep it that way | World Economic Forum

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12 Responses to This Has Nothing to Do With Climate

  1. Justa Joe says:

    When your presumptive President;s family has a business interest named “Sino-Hawk” you know America is about to get shafted.

  2. Paul Ilott says:

    Doom Gobin Thunberg claimed in 2018 that we have 12 years to save the planet. If Chinese emissions are going to peak in 2030, then clearly another tipping point will pass uneventfully and climate catastrophe will have to be postponed again. The deeper question is how many tipping points can the climate narrative maintain without it imploding? I guess the desperate need for economic recovery in the West may significantly influence the answer to that question.

    • Disillusioned says:

      The deeper question is how many tipping points can the climate narrative maintain without it imploding?

      Good question. You probably won’t like my answer.

      In this information age, people are bombarded with so much information (and disinformation) that they don’t remember the deadlines. The same scare tactics work again and again. There is no shortage of gullible, ignorant sheeple waiting in line to be taken in by the scams of fraudsters. When the wheels finally come off the climate scare, it will have already been long-replaced.

      I know that is very cynical. But time wears on. The data are there for anyone to see, if they want to find it. But the deep state media keep the shrill of propaganda going 24/7.

  3. EHRLICH Religion is part of equation.
    Republicans controlled Petros when Carter screamed we were out of them
    Got Gorey when US & us wet behind the ears (still) ruined our ‘ENRGY ENERGY ENRGY” driven Planning & Design as base Premise proved we could save & understand & ENJOY the Human to Earth Interface,neither Party wanted to part with
    By effort & potentially rug pulling under political scammers Petros including Oil are virtually everywhere. CO2 increase a blessing from God & His Buddy Santa
    That would mean the Party that thrived on the goodie 2 shoes of the largest benefactor Opium Trade would never get back to his (FDR)’s Socialism
    As I plan for 20 Billion happy Humans & Warming & Cooling & all the critters & twigs it is with Confidence that All Creatures Great & Small can thrive.
    LOVE of us & US will win again. Communism is just as real as BitConCoins Dependent on a Borderless World with one Currency controlled by 1 Entity.
    ENERGY INDEPENDENCE FOR ALL UN MEMBERS is a better idea than Communism
    Add in the ability to grow Consumable Natural Products with incredible per square foot yields we have a great chance to return a SENSE OF PLACE & PURPOSE
    Gore Kerry Tree has its roots in rapid growth today ” As of 2013 she serves on the boards of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Environment, Development, and Security and the New-Land Foundation. Until 2003 she sat on the board of advisors for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.” ACCORDING TO WIKI
    Obviously Paul’s wife gets no credit because she is a woman? According to the Ehrlich Bible she is a threat because she can or could have kids.
    LOVE WILL WIN AGAIN not UFOs ) Unidentified Fear Opportunists”

  4. sentenced ended …”with”
    was meant to be
    POWER (pun) ?

  5. Mike d says:

    Most of the worlds Co2 has been naturally sequestered , we call it limestone, coal , hydrocarbons. Mankind , at best, could probably recover 10 % of the total. We have clowns who really believe that cutting back on releasing more of this rare resource, food of life, is good. These morons are evil and need to prosecuted for genocide.


    Like him or not, the world needs Trump in the US chair now.
    Just the thought of a Biden/Harris combo for the next 4 years with their Palosi / Obama / Clinton et al entrails and the damaging plans they have in their cauldron, is more than depressingly alarming.
    I’m sick and tired of bs narratives driving National policies in the west, the UK is on a spiral spinning rapidly downwards to crash and burn, and everyone is standing to one side smiling, clapping, and wearing virtue-signaling masks, ffs.
    When and how will this all end? Not well, that’s a fact. Ripe fodder for the Reset, lets hope at least the US may be able to escape it somehow.

    • Jeff Burns says:

      Well said Clive… I used to joke here in the UK that some people obviously woke up and took stupid pills! These people are now running the country and the stupid virus is the only one we need to worry about!!

  7. WCK says:

    First: CO2 is the lifeblood of the Earth, plants take it in and exhale oxygen and humans exhale it and take in oxygen. A balanced symbiosis that can only IMPROVE for all concerned with an better environment for plant life. The CO2 concentration is governed by the chemical/physical relationship of the relative concentrations in the air and the ocean and the temperatures thereof, NOT the miniscule amount humans contribute.
    Second: I dispute ANYONE to tell me with a straight face that there will not be wars fought for the remaining coal to keep warm with, in the future, unless a viable alternate energy source is found/implemented (solar and wind will not cut the mustard).

  8. David B Strutt says:

    Klaus Schwab, hand-puppet Justin Trudeau, and the Great Reset.

  9. Jeff Burns says:

    This isn’t a joke, this is a real “journalist” today publishing this “story” on Sky!!! Can it get anymore stupid? :(

  10. Rachel Williams says:

    I’m having a lot of difficulty viewing your videos on NewTube. I’ve signed up and subscribed, but the videos I see are the same abbreviated ones you’ve posted on YouTube to direct us to the new platform, though sometimes I can’t even find those. Also, I can’t get NewTube in my Roku line up but I CAN get Rumble. Any thoughts about also using that platform?

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