Tulsi Gabbard Minces No Words

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16 Responses to Tulsi Gabbard Minces No Words

  1. arn says:

    off topic,
    but i found something “funny”,
    especially for a skilled veteran in coding the potential of this patent should be interessting


  2. R. Branch says:

    Tulsi 2024! I think she might consider joining the Patriot Party …

    • Rory Forbes says:

      Nuts to that. She’s a Democrat; meaning contrary to appearances, she can’t possibly be all that bright. She should have already been behind Trump. Republicans (or ‘Patriots’) don’t need any more Rinos. I frankly believe a female president is a bad idea.

      • arn says:

        A female president is a good idea – for the elites.

        As they know that people are willing to take far more crap and sell out behaviour from female poloticians than from men.Thats the reason why so many women,usually with
        no qualification,have risen to top positions(and they all follow by some strange coiincidence globalist agendas)
        Why do you think they have chosen hitlery and kamala harris for president?

  3. oldefarte says:

    Is anyone else getting “Error Messages” when they attempt to access videos such as the one above? It’s not just on this site – I’m getting it on other, conservative sites. It’s happened enough that I suspect that this may be shadow banning, at best, and deliberate and direct interference at worse. In the meantime, Mr. Heller, keep fighting. Now that the election and recall fights are over, I can redirect some of my contributions to sites such as yours. I have no intention of going quietly into that good night.

    • Scissor says:

      I got no error on this one. On some videos the slow buffering drives me crazy.

      Anyway, Tulsi is one of the best people on the Democrat side. She served in Iraq and Kuwait is generally opposed to foreign entanglements. She’s pro-nuclear, pro free speech and not for unlimited abortion.

      In any case, she says some good things.

  4. Ron says:

    I told others that she should have been the Democrat candidate. I like her except for her views on the second amendment. She was too anti-war for the DNC.

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    A Democrat with a mind and a heart. I don’t know how long she can stay in the Marxo-Nazi Democratic Party, but I hope that her standing up to Biden will encourage the few other Democrats with hearts and minds to join her. It only takes 11 or 12 defiant Democrats to join the Republicans in the House to stop some of Biden’s insane moves, like turning us from energy independent to Middle East dependent in less than 10 days in office. Also just 1 such Democrat in the Senate changes everything. We might be able to hold on for two years, assuming that we get voter reform. We absolutely need to get voter reform in every state to limit the wholesale sending out ballots as if they were Safeway advertising coupons.

  6. Henry Buser says:

    Any one heard of the new Internet? I heard about it but don’t know how to get on or use it.

  7. jb says:

    And with videos like this, we now know why she did not run for congress again: she is not on board with much of the Democrat agenda.

    Look for her to run as a Repub or an Indep. for Senate.

  8. Eric Hatfield says:

    She illustrates the difference between a liberal and a leftist. Leftists are tyrants who will seek to silence opposition. Liberals will at least try to engage in the marketplace of ideas.

    Truth does not fear the expression of lies. Liars and tyrants will seek to silence the truth.

  9. Guilherme Gomes says:

    The book Covid-19 The Great Reset is proof that there is a criminal organization to kill people. Its authors are Thierry Malleret and and Klaus Schwab. We just need to know when it was delivered to the publisher to the printed.

  10. gregole says:

    “..an unholy alliance of blah blah blah .. libertarians.”

    Libertarians?! WTF?

    These people are impaired.

  11. bill says:

    toaster may be better then dems but how many times did she vote against the best military leader in history and the only modern pres to not open another theater of operation for the purpose of killing without cause or reason. how many time’s did she vote against the insanity of dems and by the way the riot lol Shakespearian play, is no where near the danger as the votes this toaster mads with dems.

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