New Video : In Search Of …. Global Warming

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  1. rah says:

    Light dusting here in central Indiana but cold enough that a fire in the fire place is nice.

  2. Chris Koster says:

    Something that will resonate with you.
    The Health Of The Great Barrier Reef With Dr Peter Ridd & Dr Jennifer Marohasy
    This is great research and discussion showing that the Barrier reef is healthy and strong and not dying, like the world believes. One point: The Australian Institute of Marine science every year measure the circumference of 100 coral reefs at 30 feet depth. No change since the mid 1980’s.
    Chris Koster

    • Steve+Cooksey says:

      Great. Thanks!

    • paul courtney says:

      Mr. Koster: Aha! No change in coral circumference? Clear proof of AGW, it was predicted by CliSci Consensusarians that the coral circumference would stay the same* as the warming becomes catastrophic.

      *Hansen predicted growth; Mann predicted shrinkage (case of projection, no doubt); Gavin predicted shrink-growthage; Zeke says the average got it about right! Nick Stokes says I have no cites for these predictions. Right about something.

  3. Louis J Hooffstetter says:

    Thanks Tony – Made my day!

  4. Ron says:

    Three light dustings of snow until a few days ago. We got almost two feet of snow in northern AZ. if you look at alternative news you would be more concerned about global cooling. I have noticed a shift where snow comes later and the summer comes later. I think where I live it’s about a month to two-month shift. The Government seems to be wrong about everything.

  5. Shawn Marshall says:

    Love Patsy Cline. Thanks for the peaceful vid.

  6. Nicholas McGinley says:

    Did you find any?
    I could not watch the whole video due to pressing need to shampoo my cats.

  7. Allan Morrison says:

    Here’s some fear-mongering from a prominent statistics graphic site:

    I would be interested in commentary on this.

    Thanks for your work!

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