Fool Me Once ….

Joe Biden is recycling the identical green energy scam he pulled twelve years ago. Only this time he plans to steal much more taxpayer money.

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10 Responses to Fool Me Once ….

  1. arn says:

    I really like the underhanded headline of the financial times.

    It is not Biden who will fail with his green strategy.
    It is the people who are exposed to this crap.
    Biden himself wont fail-he will get a multimilliondollar job as part of a board of a big corporation(as happened to Obama(netflix)or Hunter Biden(Burisma)

  2. Billyjack says:

    Obama intended to create an energy crisis where he would have a photo op of dragging frozen grandmas from the ghetto, followed by senatorial show trials, reaching a conclusion that the federal government would have to take over. “Electricity prices will skyrocket” was destroyed by shale gas that replaced the electric power generation he destroyed from coal. One of the first executive orders he signed in 2009 was shut down of Yucca mountain nuclear waste facilities to effectively end nuclear power. The push to EV’s will have the same effect of creating shortages as the electrical demand will overwhelm the grid if EV’s are mandated, as well as require 2.6 times as many BTU’s to be used in natural gas as there is in a gallon of gasoline to generate enough electricity go the same distance in an electric car.

  3. Tor Stokkan says:

    Hi Tony,
    Again we see reports of 100s of killed sea eagles and three golden eagles caused by wind farms here in Norway. And I think this will concern you.

    Norwegian local news NRK:

    For your convenience I used google translate to translate the page, and saved it as a PDF-file.

    I uploaded the PDF to our company site, and you can download in this direct link:

    Best regards
    Tor Stokkan
    Oslo, Norway

  4. oeman 50 says:

    According to Pierre Gosselin, the same thing is happening in Germany and the coal plants are picking up the slack.

  5. Ron says:

    I told this to people and folks on the left just won’t listen. We need all we can get when it comes to energy. The price of gas going up is a tax. It’s gone up thirty cents a gallon in two weeks here. Biden just signed a stack of papers given to him by his handlers and doesn’t have a clue. I think the Democrats and many Republicans don’t represent our interests and are all really stupid. It’s criminal.

  6. KevinPaul says:

    You can pile a mountain of bread and circus on people, but if they swelter in summer and freeze in winter because of prohibitive energy costs, you will invoke anarchy, such as makes the BLM unrest look like a scout jamboree.
    Is this what they want to do, poke the wasp nest, or is it just another Goreian greed fest?

  7. William Miranda says:

    The Emperor has no clothes.

  8. Kevin Petersen says:

    I would love to see a piece on the true cost of going green. Right now the rare earth materials required for battery production are being mined by child slave labor in Africa and China, and there aren’t enough of these materials to replace all the gas cars on the road today. Also, it takes 100 barrels of oil to produce 1 battery for an electric vehicle. And just as another poster describes above, wind and solar are killing millions of bats and birds each year while encroaching on wildlands that were previously free from electric towers, power lines, and turbines. Finally, greenies seem to ignore the fact that everything has a shelf life including solar panels and wind turbines, and there is no comprehensive recycling program today. All the toxic materials used in wind and solar equipment 10 years ago are being buried in landfills today. How green is green?

  9. Conrad Ziefle says:

    We really need to find a way to get the message to the public that there is no major energy crisis. We know the networks won’t run it. We know that Google search engine will hide it. Will know the politicians on the left will keep using it as a mace. How do we inform the public on a massive scale?

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