Flattening The Curve In Singapore

Experts say Singapore’s constant surveillance and monitoring of their citizenry – is how free countries which value civil liberties should operate.

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8 Responses to Flattening The Curve In Singapore

  1. arn says:

    I didn’t knew that the culprits have delagated robots as another smoke and mirrors besides experts to force people into submission and to enforce the ultimate tool of corporatocracy ;eternal forced subscription, wether you want it or not.

    But it is interesting to see that almost all countries with high vaccination rates are either islands or somehow isolated.
    I guess the limited size makes it easier in terms of observation,crowd control and social engineering.

  2. GWS says:

    Something is wrong with the way they measure ‘cases.’

    • arn says:

      There is nothing wrong with the way they measure cases.
      They just use the same hockeystick they use to measure global warming
      which is the gold standard of scientific truth.
      As long as one does not know from which dark place they pulled the one ring to fool… the hockeystick everythings fine.

  3. James Henry says:

    On my way to the free state of Florida asap. Floridians would probably yank a .45 out of their belt and shoot a robot on the street the moment they saw it.

  4. AV says:

    I love the adjusted curve once you flip the chart. As you say climate alarmists have been doing this fakery for years.

  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    We’ve had much (too much) government directions on behaviour and heavy handed enforcement of regulations thought up by bureaucrats here in Australia.
    The worst example of dictatorship is the State of Victoria, and it has the highest total of deaths (and death rate) of any State. The case rate has shot up again recently despite Melbourne being “the most locked down city in the World”.
    The State next door (NSW) has a higher population and had somewhat more relaxed approach, and their case rate also went up (during our late winter) but is now dropping. The new Premier of NSW has cancelled a lot of the restrictions and despite predictions of gloom the case rate is still going down.

    Still some people still believe. I was told yesterday that non-vaccinated people like me should be segregated as we could get Covid and give it to 5 year old children. They admitted that even being ‘fully vaccinated’ they too could get Covid, but they must ‘think’ that they only get infected by the non-infectious variety.

    • Ed Price says:

      As a Victorian I think I can say definitely that we have proved that lock downs don’t work – absolutely.
      As the Chinese appear to have invented modern lock-downs in Wuhan, I term them Chinese Torture. We’re hoping that the current CT will end shortly.
      Yes, I’m ashamed of our Victorian leaders.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Singapore has zero guns in Civilians hands. If they did, when the police came to take away someone’s 6 year old with sniffles to 14 days in a quarantine hospital, there would be blood in the streets and politicians hanging from lamp posts.

    It’s a plastic paradise run by a one party police state, but the sheeple think its a capitalists dream… sure it is… if you make $5M/year exploiting migrant slave laborers in sweat shops or you want to own nothing and be happy, then its great.

    The Opposition party wants a FOI Act. The ruling party Finance minister said “no you don’t. The US has that and nobody in the US trusts their Government”.

    If the Vaccines worked, Singapore would have “won”, They didn’t and the losing continues.

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