The War On Science And Energy Continues

Academics created the energy crisis via climate junk science, and they are relentless in their efforts to make it worse.

Climate damage by EU’s potential substitute gas supplier assessed – The Press United | International News Analysis, Viewpoint

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5 Responses to The War On Science And Energy Continues

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Wait till they learn how many TONS of Methane Vegetarians put out yearly!!!
    One volcano puts out more EVERYTHING than pretty much every country on Earth…will they put a ‘stopper’ in them next?!!!?

  2. The Dark Lord says:

    since CO2 has zero “warming power” at current CO2 levels then 84 * 0 = 0

  3. Trevor says:

    Wow, I just got around to doing some some simple math on that article:
    They are complaining that the compressor station leaks 4.5 tonnes per day of CH4. That is 233mcf/d. This is equivalent of one old, low rate gas well near the end of its economic life in most gas fields. That field produces 100 billion cubic metres of gas per year which is 9.67Bcf/d or 9,673,000mcf/d. So the compressor leaks one part in 41,515 that it compresses into a pipeline for market. For reference, 233mcf/d will heat about 1100 households for a year. And 9.67Bcf/d will heat 46,000,000 households for a year.

    So lets freeze 100 million people because we are leaking a teeny tiny bit of gas. Its amazing that people will believe anything bad they are told about oil/gas/coal, but will not believe hard math showing that its an insignificant issue that doesn’t even amount to a rounding error.

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