Starving People To Save Them From Global Warming

“The US will press ahead with biofuels production, the deputy secretary for agriculture has said, despite increasing concerns over a global food crisis”

“She said biofuels could help to reduce the need for fossil fuels, and thus help to tackle the climate crisis”

US to proceed with production of biofuels despite global food crisis | Biofuels | The Guardian

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12 Responses to Starving People To Save Them From Global Warming

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    There’s no doubt that population control is in full swing. It started with the Covid, then the vax, and now food and energy shortages

  2. arn says:

    Biofuel is the biggest sin the climatists are committing.
    Backdoor eugenics.

  3. What grade of fool imposes real danger in order to avoid a speculative, or actually non-existent, danger? If draconian measures are to be taken, isn’t it time to review the ‘science’ on which the speculation is based, rather than dogmatically assert it to be absolute truth, and suppress all discussion? The underpinning science is actually utter nonsense, and as Tony shows, the data are riddled with academic fraud. They can’t declare their policy for what it is, because that would result in dangling from a rope, so they grasp any plausible-sounding excuse.

  4. Jeff L. says:

    Do the biofuels produce magic pixie dust when burned, instead of CO2?

    • arn says:

      Not just fairy dust and unicorn poop but also anti-CO2.

    • This is a case where it is admitted that plants absorb CO2. but to state that increased CO2 encourages plant growth is heresy. The CO2 induced climate catastrophe narrative is internally inconsistent, quite apart from being pseudo-science.

  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    Sri Lanka tried organic farming and has severe food shortages and financial disaster, which will drag them into the China (finance) and Russia (cheaper oil) embrace.
    If the “Democrats” really have enough foodstuffs to waste on this stupidity then it would make more sense to ship it as aid to Sri Lanka and actually help people.

  6. Daniel Smeal says:

    Every time I see that term “climate crisis” I have to look around and wonder what the hell they are talking about. The only crisis I see is how governments are responding to this bogus term. Burning biofuel releases CO2 into the atmosphere just as burning any other fuel and when the inputs of production are factored in, the net release may actually be higher than that from other fuels, particularly natural gas. I believe that proposed ‘green policies’ will have a much more adverse effect on the environment than ‘climate change’ ever will. Solar panel fields destroy plant and wildlife habitat, and affect surface albedo thus contributing to a warmer atmosphere. Plant growth underneath is destroyed and thus CO2 is not assimilated for photosynthesis and O2 production. Windmills also adversely affect plant and animal communities and kill many bats and birds of prey. Some research has shown that the atmospheric environment downwind of windmill fields may also be adversely affected. We could go on and on about the effects of mining for the materials needed to manufacture these monstrosities as well as problems with their limited lifespans and disposal issues but these topics are covered in many publications.

  7. Lynne Balzer says:

    Biofuels produce more carbon dioxide per unit of energy than coal, oil or natural gas. A gallon of gasoline delivers 116,900 BTU’s [British Thermal Units] of energy, whereas a gallon of ethanol delivers only 76,000 BTU’s of energy, about 2/3 the energy of gasoline. So a vehicle gets fewer miles per gallon of gasoline/ethanol blend as it does on pure gasoline. It costs $3.95 to produce one gallon of ethanol from corn. It takes more energy to produce it than the energy it delivers. What a scam!

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