Three Years Of Joe Biden

Joe Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline three years ago.

Joe Biden’s Cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline Is a Landmark in the Climate Fight | The New Yorker

He guaranteed he would end fossil fuels.

Gasoline prices more than doubled over the following eighteen months.

Gas Station Price Charts – Local & National Historical Average Trends –

Americans need an extra $11,400 today just to afford the basics, Republican analysis finds – CBS News

His actions had no effect on CO2.


Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

Now prices are coming down due to record oil production.

IEA: Demand for oil on track to reach all-time high in 2023 | GreenBiz

Joe Biden Is Producing More Oil Than Donald Trump Did

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5 Responses to Three Years Of Joe Biden

  1. Bob G says:

    the canceling of the keystone Pipeline did not stop Canadian crude oil from entering the United States. instead that oil is imported in a less safe way, it’s coming by rail. some days I wish we could go back to the 1960s when CO2 was recognized as plant food and oil was recognized as the energy of a modern economy

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    There are three processes by which to win an election:
    Gain a vote = 1pt
    Discourage, or remove an enemy vote = 1pt
    Convert a voter = 2pts

  3. Francis Barnett says:

    Federal Judge In Kentucky Blocks Biden CO2 Emissions Rule After Filing By Florida AG Ashley Moody.

    “Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has announced that a federal judge has stopped the Biden administration’s highway pollution rule, which sought to remove gas-powered vehicles from the road”

    Biden getting desperate scraping the bottom of the barrel for votes from the green freaks is my take on this.

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