GHCN Software

I have released a new version of my GHCN software. It is much faster at obtaining NOAA data and should work on Mac, Linux or Cygwin on Windows.  Download the software here .

Then run these commands from a Linux, Mac or Cygwin command prompt.

tar xvf ghcn.tar
cd ghcn_files
chmod 755 get
cd ghcnd_hcn
./ghcn.exe US.txt > US.csv

This is the software I wrote and use for analyzing the US temperature record. There are tons of command line options. For example, if you want to know what historical temperatures were on March 17 type :

./ghcn.exe US.txt date=0317 > US_0317.csv

As I mentioned, it has a huge range of possibilities for climate analysis, but you will have to dig through the C++ code to figure it out. I will give examples in my posts.