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Doomed Arctic Ice Freezing Right On Schedule

In fact, most of the arctic looks to be on schedule with exception of open water around Victoria Island in the west arctic and a late freeze for Baffin Bay in the east. Polar bears have been reported on land … Continue reading

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Restoring The Climate Of 1974

CO2 was at very safe levels in 1974. That was the year when Nixon resigned, as well as a few other things. The worst tornado outbreak in US history http://www.april31974.com/images/outbreakmaplarge.jpg A hurricane which killed 8,000 people Hurricane Fifi (later Hurricane Orlene) was … Continue reading

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Enlightened Thinking From Al Gore

Al Gore believes that sacrifice from others is needed to control the climate. The Mayans believed the same thing. The Mayan society is looked at with awe, wonder, and distaste, . . . because of the public practice of human … Continue reading

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Obama No Longer Constrained By The Views Of The Pesky Citizens Of The US

The European Union’s climate commissioner says she hopes that President Barack Obama’s renewed attention to global warming after the election will translate into greater U.S. involvement in U.N. climate talks. EU climate head wants Obama to pull his weight in … Continue reading

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1821 Hurricane Struck New York At Low Tide

December 30, 2007 Experts say it’s only a matter of time before a major hurricane strikes New York City. When it comes, you may want to have your evacuation plan nearby. If not, meet the fishes. By Aaron Naparstek Imagine … Continue reading

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New York Governor : Poor Building Codes Cause Hurricanes

We will lead on climate change We must reduce the energy consumption that contributes to climate change — which means, for starters, upgrading our building codes. We will lead on climate change  – NY Daily News Cuomo also made this … Continue reading

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Confirmation Bias On Steroids

Jason Samenow demonstrates how not to think like a scientist. Bottom line is that he wants to believe something, and has no evidence to back up any of his claims. 1) Sandy should not be “blamed” on climate change. Climate change does not cause … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Solyndra

Obama has promised to prevent future Sandy events, by powering Long Island with useless bankrupt, non-existent technology. An Obama promise is as good as gold, and Long Islanders are as safe as US ambassadors overseas.

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Nobel Prize Winner Says That Climate Change Is Behind The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Al Gore, who was honored with the same prize as Yasser Arafat, says that the 5,000 year old Arab-Israeli conflict is caused by Americans not paying enough taxes. Twitter / ToryAardvark: “Climate change is factor in …

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Cable News Weather Disasters Up 100% From The 1960s

During the 1960s, there were no weather disasters reported on cable news. That number has increased dramatically – providing incontrovertible proof that the climate is getting worse.

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