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Obama Says That Soldiers Can Get Hurt In Battle

Perhaps Obama refused help to the ambassador and Marines in  Benghazi, because he was afraid that people might get hurt. The US and Britain say Israel has a right to protect itself from rocket attacks from Hamas, but warn about the dangers … Continue reading

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Real Climate Credibility Is A Thing Of The Past

RealClimate: Has Pacific Northwest snowpack declined? Yes. There has been no trend over the last 55 years. As usual, Real Climate is just talking trash. RAINIER PARADISE RNGER, WASHINGTON – Climate Summary The Cascades have been getting huge amounts of … Continue reading

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One Hundred Twenty Eight Votes Per Person In Florida

Allen West seeks hearing after opponent declares victory in congressional race The recount showed 900 voters cast ballots in precinct 93, where there are 7 registered voters, Edson said. “West’s attorneys then sought a recount of all early ballots after … Continue reading

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Obama Piles The Lies On Top Of The Lies

During the debates, Obama and Candy Crowley worked together to tell the world that Obama immediately knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack. The election is over and Obama has different problems now, so he tells us that he didn’t know … Continue reading

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Climate Science Test Tube Babies

We have 600 million years of information about the climate at CO2 levels up to 6,000 ppm. For example, there was an ice age during the Ordovician with CO2 levels 20X higher than they are today. Huge coral reefs formed during the late … Continue reading

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Hamas Collateral Damage Strategy

Hamas launches missiles at Israeli civilians from locations next to schools and hospitals, so that Israeli anti-missile operations will kill civilians – and then useful idiots at the BBC and New York Times will show pictures of dead children. This strategy has worked for decades. … Continue reading

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Don’t Flush – Unless The Wind Is Blowing

Obama green economics at work. You can’t make this stuff up. Bayonne’s windmill should be spinning by the end of the week, a city official said yesterday. One of the transformers at the East Fifth Street pumping station sustained water … Continue reading

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Good Day For Berbatov To Send Fergie A Thank You Note

In 2010, Sir Alex Ferguson had the top scorer in the BPL and didn’t play him in his humiliating Champion’s League smack down by Barcelona. After Man U’s shutout yesterday by the Canaries, it would be nice to see Berbatov send Fergie another thank … Continue reading

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Lomborg On Sandy And Immoral Climate Lies

WHEN Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast of the US on October 29, it not only flooded the New York City subway and became the most important factor for 15 per cent of US voters in the presidential election a … Continue reading

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Fergie Time

Man U was given an extra minute of Fergie Time by the referee in their failed effort to obtain a point against Norwich yesterday, but even that didn’t help.

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