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Shhh… Serious Scientists At Work

USA Today of course sucks this crap up without doing any fact checking. Iowa scientists: Drought a sign of climate change The report was signed by 138 scientists and researchers from 27 Iowa colleges and universities. They said they wanted … Continue reading

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Transparency In The White House

Obama promised to be the most transparent president ever. He also succeeded in making EPA communications invisible. Liberal group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a self-described “watchdog” organization, has turned on President Barack Obama’s administration for its handling of … Continue reading

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Quiz : Will Messi Score 100 Goals In 2012?

Messi scored his 79th and 80th goals today. Will he get 100? Yes No It depends on CO2 levels Only if he moves to shortstop The US Cycling federation will strip him of seven goals Twenty percent of his goals … Continue reading

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The Buck Stops Anywhere But Here

Obama has tried to blame Benghazi on so many different people now, it is difficult to keep track. At one point he even got Hillary to take the blame. http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2012/10/16/hillary_blame_me_for_benghazi This must be a different Hillary from the one who … Continue reading

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October Hurricane Strikes Occur One Third As Often As They Did During The 19th Century

www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/hurdat/ushurrlist18512009.txt October hurricanes used to occur about once every 1.7 years, but now they only occur about once every 5.1 years. The years 1870, 1893, and 1963 all had multiple October hurricane strikes. Climate experts tell us that global warming has increased the likelihood of late season hurricanes, because … Continue reading

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The Mann-Made Climate Catastrophe

According to James Hansen, the US is warming at a catastrophic rate. But he didn’t notice the catastrophe until he made adjustments to the data, ten years ago. No one else noticed the catastrophe either – until adjustments were made. Hansen didn’t see any … Continue reading

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White House Hoping That We Are The Stupidest People On Earth

CBS News has learned that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) cut specific references to “al Qaeda” and “terrorism” from the unclassified talking points given to Ambassador Susan Rice on the Benghazi consulate attack – with the … Continue reading

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Meet The New Adjustments – Worse Than The Old Adjustments

USHCN 2.5 corrupts the US temperature record even more than the previous version. They have turned half a degree of measured cooling into a full degree of warming since 1920, and changed 2012 from third warmest to 1.5 degrees warmer … Continue reading

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All US Warming Is Due To Adjustments

The claimed warming trend in the US almost exactly matches the adjustments being made to the thermometer data. The blue dots and red line show final USHCN2.5 temperatures (relative to 1895) – and the red dots and blue line show the … Continue reading

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Back In The CCCP

Back in Soviet Russia, we get rid of dissidents by telling big lie about them. Richard Lindzen, is a notorious global warming denier who also denies that smoking causes cancer. Redding.com Blogs: Doug Craig’s blog Richard Lindzen questioned a study … Continue reading

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