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Flashback To September 12

On September 12, I made this post : Posted on September 12, 2012  Eight and a half years ago, the Religion Of Peace blew up train stations in Madrid, killing 200 people and injuring 2,000. The Prime Minister was in a close election battle, and  immediately … Continue reading

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New Triassic Dinosaur Discovered

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Annie Hall Moment For Jeff Masters

Jeff Masters makes this idiotic post If we continue on our current path of ever-increasing emissions of carbon dioxide, the hotter planet that we will create will surely spawn droughts far more intense than any seen in recorded history, severely … Continue reading

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Clean Weather In Florida

Connect the dots. Florida has gone for over seven years without a hurricane strike, the longest such period on record. During the 19th century, Florida averaged about one hurricane per year. Nobel Prize winner Al Gore says that all weather … Continue reading

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So Far So Good

My mother is out of surgery and her doctor says that things went “as well as she could have hoped.” I will keep you posted, and thank you everyone for your prayers.

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Promise Delivered

After the 2008 election, Obama promised to slow the rise of sea level. As you can see in the graph below, he delivered exactly what he promised. Global_IB_RWT_NoGIA_NoAdjust.txt

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Shock News : Generals Have Sex

Paula Broadwell has a top secret security clearance. The fact that Petraeus had sex with her is an irrelevant smokescreen. The Guardian is obsessed with this issue  because they need to protect their messiah from the important information which Petraeus has … Continue reading

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CO2 Again Targeting The Poor

CO2 selectively targets poor people, yet again. U.S. droughts, floods and heat waves likely fueled by climate change in the last two years hit the people who can afford it the least – the poor and middle class, a report … Continue reading

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A Spontaneous Demonstration With Rocket Launchers

A heavily armed attack on the anniversary of 9/11 with rocket launchers is still being called a spontaneous demonstration by mentally handicapped Democrats. Rep. Adam Schiff echoed the president’s comments on Rice, saying those “claiming that the U.N. ambassador had some different … Continue reading

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The US Needs Competent Leadership

Last week the US had the opportunity to put a responsible adult in charge off the country. Instead we got a repeat performance of spectacular incompetence for the next four years. Obama is right back to where he was four years ago, … Continue reading

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