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Remember – Only You Can Prevent Storm Surges

Americans went into the voting booth yesterday with horrific images of the fallout from Superstorm Sandy fresh in their minds. Pictures of homes ripped from their moorings, stories of children whisked away by rushing waters, reports of elderly people trapped on top … Continue reading

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No Hope For Change

Four years ago Obama had everything going for him politically, and he failed miserably. This time he won the election through negativity, lies and fear – and we are stuck with him for four years.  Fear causes people to make … Continue reading

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Obama To Create Five Million Green Energy Jobs

in 2008, Barack Obama seized upon green technology and decided to make it the centerpiece of his jobs program. During his presidential campaign he promised to create five million green tech jobs. A Sad Green Story – NYTimes.com

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Winter That Wasn’t Update

Last winter had little snow in the Eastern US due to missing Arctic ice. This autumn, missing Arctic ice is causing record snow. The CO2/missing Arctic ice coupling is a powerful  combination which can cause excess, deficient or normal snowfall … Continue reading

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Global Warming To Kill Us All

Pension firms preparing for customers to live to 125 People born today will routinely live as long as 125 years and put huge strains on the pension industry that will threaten “poverty for millions of people”, warns the Association of … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain High

One of my kids suddenly quit seeing his best friend Matt a few months ago. On Sunday he told me why. Matt went on a three month cocaine binge. Another of his friends dropped out of CSU after a semester … Continue reading

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Obama Relieved That He Can Stop Lying Now About His Energy Stance

Obama says that he is the most transparent president in history. Barack Obama may consider introducing a tax on carbon emissions to help cut the U.S. budget deficit after winning a second term as president, according to HSBC Holdings Plc. Obama May Levy … Continue reading

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Oh Ye Deniers Of Little Faith

We can no longer deny global warming’s role in creating weather patterns that generate extreme storms Storms are stronger because of climate change and “both politicians and the public need to accept how much they’re helping cause them,” he says. … Continue reading

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Now On To The Important Stuff

Can Celtic give Barcelona a good match? Messi is a new father (congratulations to him) and seems distracted. Yesterday was full of 2-2 ties, Hopefully today’s event will be more conclusive.

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Chris Mathews Gets A Tingle Over Sandy

Chris Mathews is happy that Sandy destroyed much of the NE seaboard, because it got Obama re-elected. A good day for America.  I’m so glad we had that storm last week … The storm brought in possibilities for good politics. MSNBC’s Matthews: … Continue reading

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