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Unprecedented Snow And Hurricane Combination!


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Had We Listened To Hansen In 1888, The Hurricane Wouldn’t Have Happened


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Maximum Temperatures Declining Rapidly In The US

Since 1930, GHCN HCN thermometers show that US maximum temperatures have dropped almost 1.5 degrees. The four coldest years have all occurred since the end of the 1970s ice age scare.   ftp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/ The warm temperatures of 2012 do not … Continue reading

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US Economy : The New Normal

For two months before the election, the MSM kept telling us how great the economy was doing under Obama. By pure coincidence, since election day a seemingly endless stream of bad economic news has come forward. WYMT.com   Tyler Star News   Citizens Voice   Business Insider   Anniston Star   WTOV … Continue reading

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The Customer Is Always Correct

There have been a few people posting comments bashing Luis Suarez and Jermain Defoe, but after this week me thinks they will have to eat their words. Suarez’ goal last weekend will likely be remembered as one of the best … Continue reading

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Greenland Meltdown Update

At -58F, most golfers are keeping warm in the clubhouse today. Winter starts in a few weeks, and then the cold weather will arrive. summit:status:webcam

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Four More Years In The US Banana Republic

In 13 Philadelphia wards, Obama received 99 percent of the vote or more. Vote was astronomical for Obama in some Philadelphia wards – Philly.com

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David Suzuki Reminds Us That Having Enough Gasoline Is Evil

New York City and Long Island Impose Odd-Even Gas Rationing – NYTimes.com David wants to liberate these people by making gasoline even less available and more expensive. I am a scientist and I take great umbrage at being sent such … Continue reading

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EPIC Data Tampering At NCDC

This post is going to stay on top of the blog for a while. All of the claimed warming in the US is due to data tampering. After a cold October, thermometers show that year to date temperatures in the … Continue reading

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Opportunity To Meet With A Nobel Peace Prize Winner!

Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for her work in understanding Climate Change, will be speaking to the USGBC Students about the impact that Climate Change has on today’s environment. USGBC Students Meeting with Dr. Katherine Hayhoe – TTU … Continue reading

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