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1925 Tornado Tracked More Than 200 Miles Across Three States

The Tri-State Tornado of 1925 wiped numerous cities off the map. No one was stupid enough at the time to blame it on humans, or to believe that it could have been prevented. Tri-State Tornado – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Field Of (Obama’s Father’s) Dreams

Millions and millions of Americans have built homes and businesses just above sea level, along the Eastern and Gulf Coast seaboards. According to Obama they didn’t build those businesses, but that isn’t the point. The point is, if you build … Continue reading

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What If People Were As Stupid In 1886 As They Are Now?

In 1886, the US was hit by an incredible seven hurricanes, including two major hurricanes. Suppose that some snake oil salesman named Hames Jansen had been running around the country in 1886 claiming that he could prevent hurricanes by having everyone give … Continue reading

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Joe Biden As President

If Obama gets re-elected, he will almost certainly be impeached over Benghazi. Do scumbags like Candy Crowley really want Joe Biden running the country?

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More News From The Past

The Appalachians are having record early ski area openings, thanks to an overheated atmosphere which produces excessive amounts of cold air. The earliest season opening ever for Sugar Mountain ski resort in Banner Elk takes place Wednesday, after more than … Continue reading

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October 1871 : America’s Worst Fires

During October 1871, Chicago burned to the ground. On the same day many other cities around Lake Michigan and Lake Huron burned. Most notable was Peshtigo, Wisconsin where thousands of people died. More than 1.5 million acres burned in those fires. CO2 … Continue reading

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New England Hurricanes

Aug. 25,1635: The Great Colonial Hurricane was the first historical record of an intense hurricane in the region. Some refer to it as America’s first recorded natural disaster. The storm’s eye is believed to have passed between Boston and Plymouth causing … Continue reading

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Mermaid Hopes To Stop Others From Using Energy

The battle against Big Energy’s rush to ruin our planet | Daryl Hannah | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk I was living in Sedona, Arizona during the mid-1980s – when Darryl used to fly in and out every few weeks … Continue reading

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Morning Invocation

The great prophet Obama was besieged by CO2 apostates and his polls were plummeting into the abyss, when a miracle occurred. The CO2 gods sent Sandy to end the demise of the prophet, and give him a venue to hide his Libya transgressions – … Continue reading

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Another Storm Hits New Jersey

Banging his hand on the table he says : I did not have sexual relations with that those woman women Women: Sen. Bob Menendez paid us for sex in the Dominican Republic | The Daily Caller

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