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Fred Flintstone Caused Global warming

Humans Altered Climate 10,000 Years Ago, Study Claims Forget auto emissions and power plants. Humans may have contributed to climate change more than 10,000 years ago, according to a new study. “Some people say that people are unable to affect … Continue reading

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NOAA Sinks To New Depths Of Climate Science Depravity

NOAA has put out their Climate Extremes Index for winter 2012-2013. The graph below highlights how depraved their climate fraud has become. Last winter had essential no extreme weather in the northeast, and was rated the third most extreme winter … Continue reading

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Blowout In Barcelona

Did AC get a shot off?

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Guardian Says Not To Take Rocket Scientists Seriously

Plug your ears! The Guardian says that NASA rocket scientists who put men on the moon must not be listened to, as they do not support the church of global warming orthodoxy. Attacks on climate science by former NASA staff … Continue reading

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McKitten The Okie

A couple of weeks ago McKitten had his drought scam based out of the midwest, but recent rain and snow wrecked that – so he loaded up Granny, Ella Mae, Jethro and the hound dogs and moved to California. Twitter … Continue reading

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Payback Time From Gaia

Politicians in DC and Brussels are working tirelessly on stealing taxpayer money via the global warming scam, as nature slams them with record springtime cold. Short-Term Climate Outlooks

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Understanding Why Democrats Are Going After Rifles

Almost all of the gun crime in the US is committed with illegal handguns. Democrats are making zero effort to do anything about that, and instead are going after rifle confiscation – despite the fact that you are more likely … Continue reading

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Did Mark Kelley Commit A Federal Gun Crime?

Gun confiscation propagandist Mark Kelley says that he purchased an AR-15 to give to someone else. This is a Federal offense, and is the first question they ask on background check forms. h/t GeologyJim

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No Hesitation

Bloomberg plans to disarm New York women, and give police lots of firepower. A New York police officer was convicted on Tuesday in a bizarre plot to kidnap, torture, kill and eat women. The officer, Gilberto Valle, 28, could be … Continue reading

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Most Important Forecast Of The Day!

12C and rain at Camp Nou in four hours.

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