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Obama Recovery Continues

Obama and the press spent most of the campaign lying about Romney’s taxes, while Obama’s economic disaster continues to expand. They needed to keep Obama in the White House, because Michelle likes living there. Americans see biggest one-month decline in income … Continue reading

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The Frozen Mammoth In The Room

After many years of above average winters, Arctic temperatures have dropped 15C since January 1. The global warming party is crashing and burning freezing. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Michael Mann says that CO2 … Continue reading

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Dessler : Texas Hot And Dry For The Rest Of The Century

As you sit by the pool and sweat this summer, one book you should be reading is The Impact of Global Warming on Texas (University of Texas Press, June 2011, second edition). This book, written by a group of Texas … Continue reading

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Nixon Announces That He Is Not A Crook

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pVKtYQJoLEg] . Last week he told us that the problem is that he is not an emperor. This week he says he is not a dictator. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=j3IHIsRu5yw] . h/t to Dave G

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A Very Dangerous Weapon

I visited my 83 year old friend last night in Fort Collins, and she pulled out a gun I had never seen before. It is a 17th? century musket in mint condition. This thing would blow somebody’s head right off. … Continue reading

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Obama Releasing Criminals In Arizona

Obama has lots of time for golf, threatening reporters and spreading lies about the sequester, but no time for upholding his oath of office. “The American people are fed up. We have all of this outrageous activity going on.  And, they’re releasing … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Wants To Deprive Electricity To The Rest Of New Yorkers

He still hasn’t gotten the electricity turned on in parts of Queens three months after Sandy, and now he wants to make sure that New York has a permanent inadequate supply of electricity. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday that the … Continue reading

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We Told You There Would Be Hurricanes!

There are always hurricanes, you morons.

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English Newspaper Devotes Permanent Section To US Gun Confiscation

King George III gives his seal of approval. The violent crime rate in the UK is eight times higher than in the US. Guardian writers have a reputation for liking to bend over, but they have no business interfering in … Continue reading

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The Huffington Post Definition Of A Scientist

Huffington Post defines a scientist as anyone who agrees with their political views about global warming. Anyone who disagrees is an evil oil industry funded stooge.

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