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Progressives making the world safe – for nobody.

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Hansen : Climate Is Deadly And Safe At The Same Time

Hansen has been talking about catastrophic warming, hottest year ever, multi-metre sea level rise, death trains, extinction, end of the world as we know it…….etc. Yet, but his own measures temperatures are below scenario C – which he considers safe. … Continue reading

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30:1 Ratio Of Record Lows To Record Highs

HAMweather: Record Events for The Past 7 Days

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Hundreds Of Rounds Of Ammunition Is A “Large Weapons Cache”

Newtown school gunman had large weapons cache: court papers The gunman who attacked a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school in December had several additional firearms not used in the attack and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, according to court papers released … Continue reading

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1978 : US Coldest Winter Had Peak Arctic Ice

Climate geniuses are telling us that the cold and snow in 2013 is due to missing Arctic ice. The historical record shows that they have no idea what they are talking about. The coldest winter and second snowiest winter in … Continue reading

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1913 Cold Caused By Missing Arctic Ice

Climate experts tell us that late March cold is caused by missing Arctic ice, so we can safely assume that 1913 also had very little ice. We are just not qualified to question the experts. 29 Mar 1913 – WEATHER … Continue reading

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1913 Global Warming Forecast : Wonderful Weather And Millions Of People In Antarctica

http://news.google.com/newspapers Weather Forecast Vostok, Antarctica | Vostok Weather | Wunderground

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Ehrlich Was Correct

Ehrlich knew exactly what he was doing. We all starved to death during the 1970s.

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Cyprus Government Steals From Bank Depositors, As EU Spends $250 Billion On Global Warming

Stealing is the new normal for government in Europe. BRUSSELS, Belgium, February 8, 2013 (ENS) – European heads of state and government have agreed to commit at least 20 percent of the entire European Union budget over the next seven … Continue reading

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Fifth Coldest March On Record In Iowa

March 2013 is the coldest March since 1965, and the fifth coldest March on record in Iowa.

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