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You Can’t Score If You Can’t Place The Ball Between The Uprights

Chelsea is doing everything right and even have the referee cheating for them, but they can’t put the ball in the back of the net. They should have had about seven goals in the first half.

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Breakthrough Discovery From Joe Romm

Time only moves forward! Joe should get the Nobel Prize. What is he trying to reverse? The longest period in the past 150 years without a major hurricane strike? Sixteen years of no warming? The amazing thing is that Joe gets paid to spew … Continue reading

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Thirty-Three Years Later, Corrupt Cop Finally Resigns

Thirty-three years ago, the Fort Collins Police Department framed a high school kid for a murder he didn’t commit. They had no evidence to support the charge, and his only link to the crime is that he spotted the body. … Continue reading

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No Green For St. Patty’s

March 17, and we still don’t have the faintest hint of green or springtime in Northern Colorado. Everything is running about 2-3 weeks later than normal, due to an overheated atmosphere.

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Shock News : President Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About

In his State of the Disunion Speech, Obama announced that it was time to end wildfires in Colorado – based on the overwhelming judgment of science. He had me completely convinced, until I saw this sign on my hike this … Continue reading

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All Iowa Stations Set Their All-Time Record Maximum Prior To 1940

There are 21 HCN stations in Iowa. All of them set their all-time record maximum temperature prior to 1940. James Hansen says that CO2 loads the dice for heatwaves, which he says were almost impossible before 1988.

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Coldest March In Iowa Since 1969

The month is half over, and so far Iowa temperatures have been the coldest since 1969. With record cold forecast for the coming week, it is possible that this will be the coldest March since 1965 in Iowa, and the … Continue reading

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Wrecked Iditarod Update

At the beginning of February  the always truthful New York Times told us that global warming had wrecked the Iditarod. Iditarod Weather Center – Iditarod

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Met Office Captures Thing Of The Past On Radar

Met Office News Blog | Official blog of the Met Office news team

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Record CO2 Increase Brings Fifty Degree Drop In Temperature

Last year, experts told us that man-made CO2 made Midwestern March weather warm. They also tell us that the past year has seen a record increase in CO2. This explains the fifty degree drop in temperatures since last year. Paddy’s Day Parade … Continue reading

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