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Most Of The US Coast Has Below Normal Sea Surface Temperatures

One of the big Sandy lies was that global warming had overheated the ocean. This is quite remarkable, given that the entire US coast (except for New England) has below normal sea surface temperatures. sst_anom.gif (800×600)

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Tanks, Rifles, Bullets – But No Easter

Obama has plenty of money for 2,700 tanks, 7,000 automatic rifles and 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, but no money for an Easter egg hunt. Obama’s budget is 30%  ($1 trillion) larger than the biggest budget prior to his Presidency, but he has … Continue reading

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Early Spring Arrives In DC

National Park Service Webcam

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Massive Crowds Of Protesters

In 2003, I experienced firsthand the massive demonstrations against GWB during his visit to London. I was staying a few blocks away from Buckingham Palace, and walked past the palace every day to get to meetings on Pall Mall. The … Continue reading

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Early Spring Arrives In North Dakota

My college girlfriend was a Swedish beauty from Williston. Unlike the weather, she was very hot. Weather Forecast Williston, ND | Williston Weather | Wunderground

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Will The Real Satan Please Stand Up?

Paul Krugman says that climate skeptics are Satan and will burn in in hell, but the History Channel thinks Satan looks like this guy. Note that the wart has been relocated to protect the guilty. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJO5HU_7_1w]

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McKibben/LA Times Goes Full Racist

white America has fallen short. Election after election, native-born and long-standing citizens pull the lever for climate deniers Immigration reform — for the climate – latimes.com If they blamed the weather on some other ethnic group, they would probably be investigated by … Continue reading

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“I would be surprised if he wasn’t”

Twitter / RichardTol: @wattsupwiththat I would be …

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Horizontal Is The New Vertical

Most people would describe this trend as being horizontal. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs But Mann and Marcott see it as being vertical. This is because their minds are rotated left by 90 degrees. Rabett Run: Going Vertical h/t to Tom … Continue reading

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Coldest March In Tennessee Since 1960

March temperatures to date have been the coldest since 1960 in Tennessee, and have barely warmed since January 1.

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