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Suggestion For The New York Times

The New York Times just killed their green blog, because no one wants to read bullshit. The most popular blogs are the skeptic blogs, because people want to hear the truth. If NYT wants to gain readership, a good idea … Continue reading

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Fatherland Security Arrives To Make The Streets Of Prague Safe

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Motherland Security Arrives To Make The Streets Of Prague Safe

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Well Behaved Guns

I went shooting Saturday morning. There were lots of people, with all kinds of pistols, shotguns and rifles – yet none of the weapons went rogue and attacked anyone. I did however nearly get hit by a car on my bike … Continue reading

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Stop Apologizing, Already

The vast majority of people on Earth would perish in a matter of weeks or months if the supply of fossil fuels got cut off. The CEO of Exxon should get the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Time For A Hockey Team Huddle

In one sentence they say that the climate is unlivable with historic drought and storms. In the next sentence they say that they don’t want the climate to change.

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Climate Vatican Decree : CO2 Is The Center Of The Universe

CO2 is the center of the climate universe. No dispute of this fundamental decree may be presented to the children. It is all basic physics, and heretics must be silenced.

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One Year Ago : Global Warming Causes The Early Spring

Plants are greening up and blooming earlier, insects are emerging sooner and birds’ migration patterns are shifting. But is it climate change? there is evidence the advancement of spring owes more to generally warmer temperatures — the hallmark of global … Continue reading

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Hope And Change – Rolling Into Your Neighborhood Soon

 “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrefKCaV8m4] . No one in the press corps bothered to ask him what he meant by that.

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Springtime Global Warming Devastation Hits Virginia

Weather Webcams | Weather Underground

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