Global Non-Warming Producing Snow, Fierce Tornadoes And A Disturbed Atmosphere


Twisters, global warming and . . . snow?

No matter what the “experts” are saying about the lack of global warming I don’t believe them. I have lived too long and have seen the mounting changes. The fierceness of the tornadoes and the fact that outbreaks are happening at odd times of the year is a good indication that the atmosphere is disturbed.

Twisters, global warming and . . . snow? – The Star: Columns

When Barb was a child, CNN never had any stories about tornadoes.

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8 Responses to Global Non-Warming Producing Snow, Fierce Tornadoes And A Disturbed Atmosphere

  1. kuhnkat says:

    The only thing really disturbing is their lack of intellect and logic.

  2. tom0mason says:

    Obviously she suffers from memory lapse, and cognitive failure.

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    Barb is still a child in her head.

  4. Ivan says:

    Barb is actually suffering from an advanced stage of schizophrenia – she should seek treatment before it is too late.
    What Are The Symptoms Of Schizophrenia?
    In schizophrenia, the world appears changed. Familiar things like colors, sounds, or tastes may appear altered in a strange way. The brain receives information from the senses but interprets it in an abnormal fashion.
    The symptoms of schizophrenia vary from one person to another, and they can appear either gradually or suddenly.
    As the illness progresses, people with schizophrenia experience symptoms that include psychosis, which is a general term for a number of major psychiatric illnesses in which a person incorrectly evaluates the accuracy of his or her perceptions and thoughts and makes incorrect conclusions about reality.

  5. Andy DC says:

    How does she account tor the fierceness of a EF-4 tornado that killed 17 in Maryland during November 1926?

  6. Jimbo says:

    She thinks the weather started when she saw her first pubic hair.

  7. John B., M.D. says:

    For kicks, I emailed Barb Trimble the data from NOAA:

    “U.S. Inflation-Adjusted Annual Tornado data: from this page

    We are below the record low level for 2013 year-to-date. This follows 2012 which was just about at record low.

    Tornado data from NOAA: at

    Long-term trend of strong (EF3-EF5) tornadoes down as CO2 concentrations increase.

    Explanation (Mueller is a global warming proponent):

    Even IPCC no longer claims tornadoes are worsened in frequency or severity by rising CO2 levels.”

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