Global Warming Survey

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8 Responses to Global Warming Survey

  1. I see Dana AND Cook BOTH visited today.

  2. I’m starting to think that item 1 might be the correct answer, because I know about humans in New York, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and lots of other places that change the climate seemingly for publicity alone.

    EUREKA!!! Maybe a study that asks about the NUMBER of humans that cause climate change? If people see that it is just a few, and we can stop THEM, maybe there wouldn’t be so much money changing hands.

  3. omnologos says:

    If humans weren’t around none would notice, so I voted 100%

  4. Traitor In Chief says:

    Can’t you include some variety in choices? Something about Aliens would be nice.

  5. D. Self says:

    Where is the 110% choice?

  6. Ulrich Elkmann says:

    It’s 97% AND 99%. The former when the catastrophe is proceeding according to the current 5-year-plan, the latter if The Party uncovers saboteurs and deniers in the pay of Big X.
    The 100% option is forbidden; it is the dictatorial equivalent to the capitalist $99.99 price tag that looks so much nicer than one that says “$100.00”.

  7. darrylb says:

    I just voted honestly and I expect that all respondents here should have voted the same.

  8. John Q. Galt says:

    I don’t remember the climate changing during high school, when all I could think about was sex 96.94% (222 votes)

    Ahhh, the real 97% shows up. 🙂

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