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US Faces Unprecedented Abuse Of Power From The White House, CBS Edits It Out

CBS did not show any of this segment. The biggest presidential scandal in US history is not newsworthy. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUOTZ-6H1rri1lSsj6IzhUyw&v=vEnqCCzmEo4] ‘Face the Nation’ Edits Out Senator Cruz Condemning Obama’s ‘Abuse of Power’ | NewsBusters

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Tee Times Available At All Winnipeg Golf Courses This Afternoon

WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground

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Time To End The Denial

Heavy snow on the Mexican Gulf Coast. proves that a Mann-made overheated atmosphere has finally raised humidity levels high enough to produce snow in the tropics. Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie

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Obama Fulfills His Promise

Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and he has done that. “This is America. I’ve never had that feeling… I’ve never had the occasion to think that I had to fear my government. I never had the thought that I … Continue reading

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Understanding NOAA Adjustments

Wikipedia says that UHI raises recent Illinois city temperatures by 2 degrees. Due to the urban heat island effect, cities tend to be 2 °F (1 °C) warmer on average Climate of Illinois – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia NOAA adjusts … Continue reading

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Tax Code Explained

Last night at dinner, one of my kids said : Why do I have to give the government so much money, so that they can pass new laws preventing me from buying things I wanted to spend that money on? … Continue reading

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Mann-Made Global Warming And A Shortage Of Fossil Fuels Improving Schoolchildren’s Lives

A bitter blast of winter weather blew across much of Minnesota on Sunday afternoon, canceling most school classes for Monday. The cold snap also left many residents shivering, as utilities urged customers to dial down their thermostats to conserve natural … Continue reading

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