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Hansen’s Data Tampering Cleared The Path For Mikey’s Fake Hockey Stick

Mikey chopped down Briffa’s trees to make his hockey stick, and his justification was that it didn’t match (tampered) GISS data. All of the red section of the line is deleted data. The Deleted Portion of the Briffa Reconstruction « … Continue reading

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Rewriting The Past At The Ministry Of Submerged Truth

In 1990, the IPCC showed that most long-term tide gauges were rising at less than 1 mm/year. Climate experts have since more than tripled the official rate of sea level rise, without any change in behavior of the tide gauges. … Continue reading

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January 12, 1888 Blizzard

On January 12, 1888 a blizzard arrived suddenly in the great plains, dropped temperatures 50 degrees and killed hundreds of schoolchildren walking home from school. LIVES LOST IN THE STORM – FEARFUL RESULTS OF THE NORTHWEST BLIZZARD. THE KILLED AND … Continue reading

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Christmas 2010, Scottish Wind Farms Shut Down Due To Cold

27 December  2010 SCOTLAND’S wind farms are unable to cope with the freezing weather conditions – grinding to a halt at a time when electricity demand is at a peak ‘Green’ Scotland relying on French nuclear power – The Scotsman

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How Will We Know When Obama Fixes The Climate?

Obama says that global warming produces more cold winters. After he fixes the climate, how will we tell the difference between a Mann-made cold winter, and a Barack Obama healed the planet cold winter?

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The Same Press Who Refuses To Discuss Any Of Obama’s Massive Scandals, Hounds Republican Governor Endlessly

The press knows that Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS and NSA targeting by the White House, thousands of Americans dying in Afghanistan and everything else Obama lies about is not important, but Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy and Chris Christy’s bridge … Continue reading

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BO Comes Back From Vacation, BS Meter Goes Off-Scale Again

The US had a couple of weeks with the BS stink level reduced, but the BO has returned. Here at the White House, while we’re beginning to thaw from this week’s bone-chilling deep freeze, our discussions about the science of … Continue reading

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1974 New York Times : Global Cooling And Advancing Arctic Ice Threaten The Planet

FORECAST FOR – FORECASTING – CLOUDY In the long term, climate is cooling off-or is it warming up? As for tomorrow’s weather, even the world’s biggest computer can’t sayfor sure what it will be. Forecasting ‘ A really accurate three-day … Continue reading

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Week 50 Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Was Third Highest On Record

Week 50 Northern Hemisphere snow extent was the third highest on record, and has been trended upwards by almost 10% since 1966. Climate experts tell us that snow is a thing of the past, and skiing is doomed. Rutgers University Climate … Continue reading

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