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Award Winning Global Warming Photography

I call this one “Goose Poop On Mann-Made Polar Vortex Trapped Missing Heat Ice” This one is called “Twin CO2 And CH4 Producing Sons Of Different Bitches”

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1969 : Experts Say Arctic To Be Ice-Free By 1989 – More Money Needed To Study

Expert Says Arctic Ocean Will Soon Be an Open Sea – Catastrophic Shifts in Climate Feared if Change Occurs Other Specialists See No Thinning of Polar Ice Cap – View Article – NYTimes.com

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How Is That Carbon Tax Working Out For California?

AB 32 went into effect in January, 2010. There was no drought in California at that time.

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Terrifying Live Imagery Of The Colorado Permanent Drought

Steamboat Resort Mountain Cam at Morningside | View Live Snow & Weather Conditions at Steamboat We have 50 MPH winds picking up ahead of the Broncos game.

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Obama Healed The Planet

Obama’s US hurricane frequency is the lowest on record, and less than 20% of Grover Cleveland. HURDAT Re-analysis Chronological List of All Hurricanes

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Florida Hurricane Frequency Plummeting

During the 1870’s, Florida averaged about 1.3 hurricanes per year. That average is now less than 0.5, and it has been nine years since Florida was hit by a hurricane – by far the longest such period on record. HURDAT … Continue reading

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2013 Blew Away The Record For Fewest US Tornadoes

2012 was the first year to have less than 1,000 US tornadoes, and 2013 had even fewer with 900. 1953-2013-tornado-detrend-captioned.png (1100×750)

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1976 : Military Wanted To Melt The Polar Ice Caps

  War of the Weathers – View Article – NYTimes.com

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Ten Years Since UK Chief Scientist Said We Would All Have To Move To Antarctica

Why Antarctica will soon be the only place to live – literally – Environment – The Independent

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1912 : Most Antarctic Glaciers Shrinking – Due To Constant Cold

Papers Past — Auckland Star — 13 March 1912 — FACTS ABOUT THE POLE.

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