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Latest From The US Climatologist In Chief

Last June, US chief climatologist Barack Obama said that global warming was making snow disappear. Mountain communities worry about what smaller snowpacks will mean for tourism Transcript of the President’s climate speech at Georgetown – Democratic Underground Now he tells … Continue reading

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New York Times : Skiing Is A Thing Of The Past

December 12, 2012 Under certain warming forecasts, more than half of the 103 ski resorts in the Northeast will not be able to maintain a 100-day season by 2039, according to a study to be published next year by Daniel … Continue reading

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97% Of Scientists Say That Earth Is Either Getting Colder Or Warmer

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White House Unveils High Tech Green Energy Solution For Preventing Polar Vortices


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IPCC Says Climate Change Brings “Warmer winters and fewer cold spells”

Box 19-4. The Health Impacts of Climate Change Warmer winters and fewer cold spells, because of climate change, will decrease cold-related mortality in many temperate countries. IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Climate expert Barack Obama disputes this  claim, … Continue reading

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40% Of Americans Believe That Cold Is Caused By Heat

Political Blogs, Opinions, Commentaries and Forums on Current Issues – US News Opinion Forty percent of Americans also approve of Obama.

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White House Says That Global Warming Makes The Weather Colder

Here at the White House, while we’re beginning to thaw from this week’s bone-chilling deep freeze, our discussions about the science of weather extremes are heating up. We know that no single weather episode proves or disproves climate change. Climate … Continue reading

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Jimmy “Death Trains” Carter Wanted To Drown The Planet

Coal, Carbon Dioxide and Climate – View Article – NYTimes.com

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Climate Experts Say That New Jersey Will Lose 200 Feet Of Beach By 1997

November 10, 1985 AN ARTICLE in Oceanus, the journal of the Massachusetts-based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, suggests that most of the methods for restoring and protecting New Jersey’s 127 miles of Atlantic Coast beaches are huge wastes of public money, … Continue reading

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Shock News : Obama Lied About Iraq

Limits to U.S. Policy Are Seen as Violence in Iraq Rages On

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