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CFC’s Now The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

Until yesterday I believed that CO2 was the most powerful force in the universe. But I have been educated since then that the exponential growth of CO2 since 1988 is not important. The climate is now controlled by CFC’s, which … Continue reading

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Obama Plans To Use His Mandate As Leverage In 2014

Obama is frustrated that the elected representatives of the people keep thwarting his plans to punish the bitter people who cling to guns and religion. He plans to use his overwhelming 40% approval rating as leverage to create further mayhem … Continue reading

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Dictator Promises To Further Wreck America In 2014 – Without Congress’ Help

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First Annual Blowtorch Reunion?

Twitter / SteveSGoddard: @rgnldprrn – are Arctic rowers …

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Dana’s Fraudulent Lindzen Projection Beats Hansen

I overlaid Dana’s completely fraudulent “Lindzen” projection (dark blue normalized to start date of 1988) on top of Hansen, GISS (light blue) and RSS (purple) Even Dana’s completely bogus Lindzen projection beats Hansen by a wide margin. Yet The Guardian … Continue reading

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Temperatures Are Below Hansen’s “Draconian” Scenario C

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Phil Jones : 1860-1880 Warming Was Faster Than 1975-2009

BBC News – Q&A: Professor Phil Jones SUV’s must have been a huge problem in 1860.

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In Hansen’s Defense

The defense for Hansen’s 1988 failed predictions seems to be “global warming is much less than forecast” The same people also tell us that global warming is much worse than forecast. A bunch of total nutcases.

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What Part Of This Graph Isn’t Clear?

The deluded minions of Hansen convince themselves that his forecasts were correct. Classic case of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

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Methane Doesn’t Matter

Methane is unstable and breaks down quickly in the atmosphere, and even if it doubled would have essentially no impact on the greenhouse effect. In the tropics, the effect would be an increase in downwelling longwave radiation of about 0.04%. … Continue reading

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