Same Story Decade After Decade – Government Liars Vs. The Truth

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9 Responses to Same Story Decade After Decade – Government Liars Vs. The Truth

  1. Particularly the EPA, note. I worked in a group headed by a physicist with the National Park Service back in the early 1990’s (analyzing remote aerosols, at national parks and such), and was focused on my own work as a Research Associate (to the point that, when I heard the “greenhouse gases” scientists speak at conferences, I simply dismissed their science as unlikely and thought real experts in their sub-field would correct and rein them in–famous last words, so to speak, on my part), and within a year I found my boss was really following the agenda of higher ups, particularly in the EPA, who were warring on coal even back then (yet my boss and all the “principal investigators” were failing to identify fully 50% of the black carbon in those aerosols, labelling them instead as “organic carbons”). They wanted us to identify coal power plants as primary sources of air pollution in remote areas, but the evidence was entirely contrary to that agenda (we found the pollution was greatest on days when the power plants were shut down, for example–we lesser workers thought that was very funny, yet even then I thought it very serious with respect to the basic competence of the higher ups). I developed my own interpretation of the aerosol data, correcting the mislabelling of the black carbon, and was terminated when I submitted it for publication–I finally got the two papers published (“Atmospheric Environment” journal, Vol. 30-1, Jan. 1996, pp. 73-99) after two years of arguments from my boss and other fraudulent and/or incompetent reviewers. A year later, in 1997, I had moved on and made the greatest discovery in history, the great design of the Earth and solar system that motivated all of the “ancient mysteries” of perennial popularity and continuing dogmatic beliefs. And I know, as no one else can, that dogmatic beliefs are the easy fall-back position to real, disciplined thinking in man, and that is our real common enemy now, as all of our supposedly authoritative scientific institutions are failing us in deference to long-nurtured, incompetent consensus beliefs.

  2. Pathway says:

    They’ve also been trying to link increased levels of mercury found here in the west to coal fired power plants. Of course most of the mercury is carried in the atmosphere from the pacific ocean.

    • Brian H says:

      I seem to recall Willis Eschenbach did a comparison of downwind mercury deposition from generating plants to human health stats, and found them geographically unrelated.

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