Lubbock, Texas To Be Covered With Glaciers By 2100

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15 Responses to Lubbock, Texas To Be Covered With Glaciers By 2100

  1. omanuel says:

    When the smoke clears and the truth is revealed, it will be clear that


    Our beautiful, bountiful Earth and humans could not be

    1. Orbiting around the Sun in 1543, nor
    2. Powered by neutron repulsion, the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

    The scientific revolution began when humans accepted fact #1.

    The scientific revolution ended when we refused to accept fact #2.

    If you doubt the validity of the above conclusion, ask any member of the UN’s IPCC, the UK’s Royal Society, the US or any other National Academy of Sciences, or the Swedish or Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee to publicly address three figures of precise experimental data (Figures 1-3, pages 19-27, my autobiography) that falsify standard post-1945 models of stars and nuclei.

    With deep regrets,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    • darrylb says:

      OK Oliver, If I can help keep you from slipping on your soap box, I will read Chapter 2 and all of your writings CAREFULLY and IN DEPTH and probably SLOWLY and CRITICALLY.
      Maybe I will present it somewhere sometime!

      • omanuel says:

        Thanks, darrylb.

        I look forward to your report.

        Even liberal reporters are now awakening to the danger of tyrannical decisions made for noble purposes:

        • darrylb says:

          Oliver, RE the EPA and the reservation article you indicated above, It will be used as an illustration of human nature in the book I am writing, The AGW and CAGW fiasco, eugenics, witchcraft are a few other examples, heavily on AGW.
          It is also an example of why I adamantly believe in decentralized government.
          Human Nature—-Power— Corruption. Has always been, and always will be unless one daily strives to evaluate oneself.
          More all the time I appreciate our Founding Fathers.
          It is very good to be humbled now and then, and then adjust.
          Today, we have too much, too easy and do not appreciate it.

        • omanuel says:

          I agree, darrylb.

          Our founding fathers had it right, but they would be considered very politically incorrect today.

          At the risk of Bran’s wrath, the founding fathers had a better grasp of our place in the cosmos, our relationship with the sustainer of life, and our divine rights than present political leaders.

    • Brian H says:

      Thread bomber.

    • Tom Englert says:

      I thought neutrons didn’t repel anything, because they had no charge. Excuse my ignorance, I’m not an atomic scientist.

      • darrylb says:

        Tom E. A loose concept of a neutron is that of an electron and a proton bonded together, kind of.
        You may remember that electrons and protons have equal but opposite charges, therefore the total charge would be zero, and so it is called a neutron.
        Now, I am not being exact here, but as you know upon receiving (a lot of) increased energy the two may fly apart and what would be left is a proton (hydrogen nucleus) and an electron in orbit (electron shell) Except for isotopes, hydrogen is simply a proton and an electron. (There are sub particles, but not worth mentioning here)
        The isotopes are deuterium (rare-an additional neutron in the nucleus) and tritium (extremely rate- two neutrons in the nucleus)

  2. BBould says:

    This brings to mind the interesting Sci-Fi book “Fallen Angels”

  3. bullright says:

    The Glaciers are coming, the Glaciers are coming!

  4. I’m getting 2077 for the last year before the permanent ice.

    It’s worse than we thought. But we are running a special, today only…

  5. darrylb says:

    Hey, I have had permanent ice here in MN about 10,000 years ago. All if left us was about 15,000 lakes (the 10,000) was just a quick rounded number.
    I am now looking across where they are fishing on the temporarily permanent ice.
    This past weekend they had a hockey tournament on it (about 10 rinks) (youth) The parents watched from the cars where it was warm.
    The week before that, an ice fishing contest
    The week before that, snowmobile races.
    Who says we cannot walk on water up here!

  6. Brian H says:

    Surely the CO2 from all those idling cars will keep the glaciers at bay?!?

  7. darrylb says:

    Yeah, Brian, the kids had to tough it out on the ice, wind chill well below zero, while the parents sat in warm comfort, Kinda funny, but a little sad!

  8. Tom Englert says:

    Weren’t Texas glaciers the starting point in the first X-Files movie?

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