Sea Level Declining In California For 22 Years

There has been a big push by the climate liars recently to scare Californians into sea level neurosis

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Rising Sea Level Threatens Los Angeles – Truthdig

Satellites show that California sea level has been falling slightly since the start of records in 1992.

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17 Responses to Sea Level Declining In California For 22 Years

  1. Morgan says:

    Actually, parts of California have a declining sea level but Los Angeles has an extremely slight increase, namely, 83 mm per century.

    The rise is linear (not accelerating) so we can predict 83 x .87 or about 72 mm rise during the rest of this century, not the 600 to 1700 mm they are predicting in this fictitious article. But you have to admit, science fiction is fun, isn’t it?

  2. Dave N says:

    Ironically, “TruthDig” reports fantasy; the only thing threatening is lack of funding for storm surge mitigation and more regurgitation of flawed projections.

    “Drilling behind the headlines”? They’re doing it by hand with a blunt bit.

  3. Steve Case says:

    My post earlier over at “Truth Digs”


    According to Tim Radford’s report, “Sea levels are expected to rise somewhere between 0.6 metres and 1.7 metres by the close of the century.”

    Really? He should do some arithmetic.

    There are 5 tide gauge stations
    in the Los Angeles area that have records sufficiently long enough to see overall trends. Those stations with sea level rise in mm/yr for all years and for the last 30 years are:

    Station …….. All years ….Last 30 years

    Port San Luis .. 0.7 ……… -0.8
    Santa Monica … 1.4 ………. 1.0
    Los Angeles …. 0.9 ………. 0.3
    La Jolla ……. 2.1 ………. 0.6
    San Diego …… 2.1 ………. 0.4

    San Diego has the longest record going back to 1906 and its greatest 30 year rate was 3.7 mm/yr ending in 1983.

    In order to reach 0.6 – 1.7 meters by 2100 the average annual rate would have to average 7 to almost 20 mm/yr every year for the next 86 years. Considering that the highest rate for the region was less than 4 mm/yr and that the recent trend has been toward a lower rate, it begs the question of when the switch to 7 – 20 mm/yr is going to begin.

    Anyone with some curiosity and modest Excel skills can verify the above numbers.

    Steve Case – Milwaukee, WI

    • David A says:

      All of calif is an active tectonic zone. La Jolla is within a 1/4 mile of an active fault. I would go with the satellite record, but either way , as you note, there is nothing to fear and zero indication of any anthropogenic cause.

  4. wwlee4411 says:

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    Truth and lies!

  5. tom0mason says:

    “There has been a big push by the climate liars recently to scare Californians into sea level neurosis…”

    Some of the Californians I have met are just so full of neurosis that a little more sea level may be a help…

  6. Ernest Bush says:

    I don’t even need research to find the idea of sea-level rise along California laughable. I’ve been going to Southern California beaches since 1973. Except for the decline in quality of the riffraff they still look the same with the same distance to the water as then. Most of the rentals along them are still the same. The Big One will probably permanently alter sea levels in human terms. Scientists keep promising, but they have obviously failed to deliver. LOL

  7. oeman50 says:

    To hell with the east coast, I am going to start worrying about the west coast because I do not have enough to do and I need a neurosis to be like one of the gang.

  8. Brian H says:

    Mörner’s global assessment: 5 cm. by 2100. About 2″. Hansen multiplies that by 20 to try and whump up some worry. Yawn.

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